Thursday, May 1, 2014

Laura La Plante Mentions Seeing Thelma Todd In England

Silent Screen Star Laura La Plante was also in England while Thelma Todd was there and made a reference to her in an item from G. D. Hamann's book THELMA TODD IN THE THIRTIES -

December 30, 1933: Hollywood Parties Dull When Compared to Gay English Cinema Affairs

"London is very gay these days. Some one is always giving a brilliant party. And, there is much more night life than anywhere else in the world, I'm told. In the first weeks of my visit I partied with loads of old Hollywood friends, Bebe Daniels and Ben Lyon, Miriam Seegar and Tim Wheelan, Connie Cummings, Thelma Todd, Zelma O'Neil and Tony Bushell, Percy Marmont, Emily Fitzroy, the Mel Browns, Charlotte Greenwood, Marian Harris, Monty Banks and the Lupino Lanes...* "

Laura La Plante also made movies in England in this period. But today she is probably best known for one of her famous silent films, THE CAT AND THE CANARY,

 which was part of the same late twenties horror cycle as Thelma Todd's SEVEN FOOTPRINTS TO SATAN and had the same leading man, Creighton Hale.

They probably thought that SEVEN FOOTPRINTS TO SATAN was like another version of THE CAT AND THE CANARY. It is likely that the studios thought that Thelma Todd was the same type as Laura La Plante and that Creighton Hale was the same type as Harold Lloyd. Hollywood is like that.

* Lupino Lane was related to Ida Lupino, who had not yet come to live in the United States. While in England, Thelma Todd made a movie with her father Stanley Lupino, YOU MADE ME LOVE YOU.


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