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STRAUSS WALTZES - Christine McIntyre Panoram Film

Christine McIntyre sang THE VOICE OF SPRING in the Three Stooges comedy MICRO PHONIES.


 But before she sang it in MICRO PHONIES, she'd sung it in a 16 mm musical film.

This early musical film was originally played in a sort of motion picture jukebox called a panoram, but was also sold on the home market.


This particular example turned up on ebay, with the following description:

If you collect vintage Three Stooges memorabilia, here's something that you'll want in your collection.  It's a 16mm sound film from the mid 1940s titled "Christine McIntyre in Strauss Waltzes."  McIntyre sings four songs in this film: "Vienna Woods," "Life in Vienna," "The Blue Danube," and -- the one every Three Stooges fan is familiar with -- "The Voice of Spring" (the song that she sings in the 1945 Three Stooges short "Microphonies").  Evidently this movie was filmed in 1939 as a kind of sing along presentation; the box even reads "Musical Adaptable for Community Singing."  In 1939, though, McIntyre was unknown and received no billing.  By the mid 1940s, McIntyre was becoming known in Hollywood and the film was reissued with her name receiving top billing on the box.  This movie was released by "The New Official Films" and it is Product No. 861.  It runs about nine minutes in length and it is probably in black and white.

 I don't have a copy of this film, but here are some screen captures.




I think Christine McIntyre is on the left in the last couple of pictures.

An ad for this film that I scanned from POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY, February 1949.

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