Friday, May 23, 2014

THE THREE STOOGES In Comics And In Orbit

The Three Stooges had their own comic book in addition to making movies.

This story involves an atom bomb accidently being put into a motor, something that was reused in the movie THE THREE STOOGES IN ORBIT. Norman Maurer, who worked to the comics, was later involved in the production of their films.














The blonde on the last page doesn't seem to represent anyone who actually worked with the Three Stooges. Comic book adventures of cinema comedians didn't usually seem to include their female costars.

Poster for the movie THE THREE STOOGES IN ORBIT.

The fantastic flying amphibious vehicle in the story was a flop until they accidently pulled the atom bomb switch again, after which the "atomic sub" was a success.

                                                Carol Christensen ain't bad, either.


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