Saturday, May 31, 2014

Phyllis Crane Photos

Phyllis Crane was in the "Hollywood Girls" series at Educational and appeared in ALOHA with Thelma Todd during the same period. She was also in NOBODY'S BABY with Lyda Roberti and Patsy Kelly. She was also in Jules White's remade of SHOW BUSINESS, A PAIN IN THE PULLMAN, with the Three Stooges. She appeared in a number of films with the Three Stooges and is best known for those today.  
Phyllis Crane, Rita Flynn, Virginia Brooks in  THE LURE OF HOLLYWOOD.
With the Stooges in POP GOES THE EASEL.
 THREE LITTLE PIGSKINS. Left, Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Lucille Ball, Gertie Green Curly Howard, Phyllis Crane.

 Phyllis Crane



Barbara Stanwyck, Sally Blane, Phyllis Crane,  Martha Sleeper, and Blanche Friderici in TEN CENTS A DANCE, 1931.

Actually I think the one on the right here is Phyllis Crane, the other list was the order they were named in on another site.

Phyllis Crane





Phyllis Crane:

The Hollywood Girls Series at Educational:


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