Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ask Lois Laurel

"Ask Lois Laurel" is a feature they have at the official Laurel and Hardy site, where you can ask Stan Laurel's daughter Lois a question. I was able to take advantage of this feature to ask her about something that Rudy Schafer had told me.

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Dear Lois,
I was told by Rudy Schafer, son of the manager of Thelma Todd's sidewalk cafe, that Laurel and Hardy went there regularly. Can you tell me about this, or about Laurel and Hardy's association with Thelma Todd, one of their coworkers on the Roach lot? I write for Thelma Todd magazine* and also on the internet.
Thank you very much.
Benny Drinnon

Dear Benny,
They went to the Thelma Todd's sidewalk cafe, but not regularly. They did make a point of going to the opening, but Thelma Todd's place was so far out, they did not visit often. Anyhow they were not party people, as Thelma was. Neither my father nor Babe frequented clubs or Hollywood parties; they were too busy, and preferred their different hobbies. Certainly they were fond of Thelma Todd, as was everyone at the studio. She was an exceptionally nice person.
Laurel and Heartily Yours for now!
Lois Laurel-Hawes

Another one pertaining to Thelma Todd that I found at the site:

Dear Lois, do you know, what your father or Mr. Hardy says about Thelma Todds death? What did they thought? Was it a suicide, an accident or would she be murdered?
And did you met her someday? How was she?

Best wishes,

“People think that because my father worked at Hal Roach Studios I ought to know everything that happened there! I knew and liked Thelma Todd, but I was a little girl when she died. I have no recollection of ever discussing her death with my father.”

* I tried writing for a fanzine, which is no longer being published. They didn't use what I sent them.


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