Wednesday, June 11, 2014

MOVIE CLASSIC - October And November 1932

I was getting an article about Buster Keaton to begin with, then I saw some other things that interested me.

Paulette Goddard was one of the blondes early in her career. She worked with Thelma Todd at the Roach studio around this time.


Buster Keaton's wife divorced him

although this account differs somewhat from what actually happened.
Lina Basquette knew Thelma Todd and is mentioned in Donati's book.

Johnny Weissmuller did not work with Thelma Todd in the movies,

although they were photographed together. He married Lupe Velez, who started out at the Roach studio, and who made one movie with Thelma Todd, PALOOKA.
Thelma Todd was in CALL HER SAVAGE with Clara Bow.



 Cecilia Parker is best known for playing Mickey Rooney's sister in the "Andy Hardy" movies.

 The publicity for those films did not depict her in a like manner.
Photos of Lupe Velez and Thelma Hill appear on this page.
Thelma Hill also worked for Roach.
Buster Keaton's "Land Yacht" is the subject of this article, which mentions his friend Lew Cody.

Lew Cody had been married to Mabel Normand, who was deceased at the time that this article was written. Lew Cody too would pass away afterwards. Buster Keaton's life at this time was not a happy one.


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