Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Bang-Up Ending Of OUT WEST

OUT WEST is a parody of the western genre by the Three Stooges. Also in the cast are Jock Mahoney and Christine McIntyre.

The story has the Stooges heading west in order to effect a cure for Shemp's bad vein in his leg. Christine McIntyre plays a girl who is forced to sing in the saloon by the bad guys,

who have locked Jock Mahoney in a cell. The bad guys mistakenly think that Shemp's "vein" is a vein of gold, and scheme to steal his supposed mine. The Stooges are able to free Jock Mahoney, who rides to summon the cavalry. But by the time the cavalry gets there, the bad guys are knocked cold by an explosion of dynamite accidently lit by Shemp.

For some reason, no commentators have suggested that the bad guys were killed in this story, although it ends in the same way as NO DOUGH, BOYS. 

Two films that end the same way end the same way. Period.


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