Monday, June 2, 2014

Doris Houck

Doris Houck may be best known as the girl who tried to mash Shemp Howard's head in a vice in BRIDELESS GROOM in an attempt to persuade him to marry her. 

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 The old "Hollywoodland" sign is seen here to be missing the first letter, since replaced. Today the word "land" is no longer there.


Doris Houck, Peggy Maley & Dusty Anderson
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Doris Houck at one time was reportedly engaged to cartoonist Peter Arno. She married Los Angeles Vice Squad Officer Fred Otash, who later became a private detective. Fred Otash was alleged to have been involved in a coverup of the death of Marilyn Monroe*. The THREE STOOGES FAQ fails to make any mention of that.

* Doris Houck was no longer married to Otash at that point: they were divorced in 1952. 


Doris Houck

Fred Otash:


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  1. I've always loved Doris Houck from the stooge short Brideless Groom, she was a true beauty, absolutely beautiful!!!