Friday, June 27, 2014


More from the issue with the Marion Byron article.

 Some of the glamour girls went blonde even before Jean Harlow made it fashionable.
At right we see Mary Pickford. They bobbed her hair, too. 

At center we see Clara Bow, with whom Thelma Todd costarred, and Marshal Neilan, who directed her. 

On the left is Lina Basquette, who was one of Thelma Todd's friends. 

On the right is a little about Buddy Rogers, who graduated from Paramount's acting school along with Thelma Todd.  
Carole Lombard worked for Mack Sennett early in her career.

Dixie Dugan came from a novel and later became a comic strip. Alice White played her in the movies, although Dixie Dugan was always supposed to have looked like Louise Brooks. 
Al Jolson in THE JAZZ SINGER contributed much to the success of talking pictures.


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