Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ad For RKO Short Subjects

Here we have an ad for RKO short subjects, which would seem to include short subjects made by Charlie Chaplin in the silent era as well as Van Beuren cartoons and the Pathe news.

Clark and McCullough are depicted at left next to Charlie Chaplin. Edgar Kennedy is at right, the girl near him is Florence Lake, who played his wife in the movies. The Blondes and The Redheads are presumably among the girls in the background. Ruth Etting would be in there somewhere as well, possibly she's the one waving her arms.

Note that Merian C. Cooper is named as Executive producer. He is probably most famous for making KING KONG, but as we have seen he was also involved in the making of FLYING DOWN TO RIO, which featured Carole Tevis and June Brewster in the musical numbers.


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