Friday, August 29, 2014

Roland West Photos

Roland West isn't one of my most favorite people, but here he is nonetheless.


Captions new and old. He'd been out of the  news since the death of Thelma Todd, and when he died, they just reused an old picture they had on file. 


 Roland West with Thelma Todd's mother and Mae Whitehead.



Roland West and Rudy Schafer



 Rudy Schafer, Roland West, unknown, and Mae Whitehead.

Roland West directing Jewel Carmen and Chester Morris in ALIBI.



Chester Morris, Eleanor Griffith, Jewel Carmen, and Roland West in ALIBI, 1929.





  1. Scott: I don't care much for him either. For her to walk all those steps on a cold winter night and sleep in garage so she wouldn't wake him, have to wonder?

  2. Margie: It always has amused me that Lola Lane was quoted as calling Roland West "one of my best husbands." That says something about the other four! LOL