Sunday, August 24, 2014

Fan Dancer Series Photos For Paramount

The fan dancer series again, and a couple without a fan in front of the same backdrop, I don't remember the last one.


Selling is a  7 3/8" X 9 1/2" Vintage Original Double-Weight, Linen backed glossy photo with borders of THELMA TODD taken in 1927 by photographer, GEORGE P. HOMMEL with Paramount Pictures.  There is no photographer stamp but well documented this photo was taken by HOMMEL, thus an unmarked photo by HOMMEL.  Sexy pre-code photo in the early years of THELMA TODD.  She is only 21 years old in this photo.  Her film career started in 1926 with one film that year. Extremely RARE early photo of THELMA TODD.


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