Monday, August 11, 2014

Thelma Todd, Dorothy Lee Letters - MODERN SCREEN, January 1932

The same issue of MODERN SCREEN reprinted letters from Dorothy Lee to Bert Wheeler and from Thelma Todd to Zasu Pitts.


Thelma Todd's letter.

Note that Thelma Todd calls Zasu Pitts "Pittsy" here, a nickname she used for her in SEAL SKINS, one of the two-reel comedies they made together. Thelma Todd was in San Francisco when she wrote this letter - San Francisco was a place she referred to on more than one occasion, and it was evidently someplace where she would go.

Dorothy Lee's letter.

"Pittsy" used in SEAL SKINS:




  1. I like how Thelma refers to herself as "La Todd" in these letters to ZaSu. I wonder if the broadcast that Dorothy is referring to in her letter to Bert is one that was done by James Fidler?

  2. Randy Skretvedt in "The Hal Roach Studio" on facebook: "Lovely. Interesting that after 1933, Thelma's partner would go from Pittsy to Patsy."