Sunday, August 31, 2014

Buster Keaton Tours Germany

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Buster Keaton, famed silent-film comedian, poses with a television camera at the Hesse State Radio studios in Frankfurt in February, 1962.

Norm Zeisloft/Stars and Stripes

From the Stars and Stripes archives

Buster Keaton brings laughs to Germany

Friday, August 29, 2014

Roland West Photos

Roland West isn't one of my most favorite people, but here he is nonetheless.


Captions new and old. He'd been out of the  news since the death of Thelma Todd, and when he died, they just reused an old picture they had on file. 


 Roland West with Thelma Todd's mother and Mae Whitehead.



Roland West and Rudy Schafer



 Rudy Schafer, Roland West, unknown, and Mae Whitehead.

Roland West directing Jewel Carmen and Chester Morris in ALIBI.



Chester Morris, Eleanor Griffith, Jewel Carmen, and Roland West in ALIBI, 1929.




Thursday, August 28, 2014

Wedding Of Dorothy Granger And George Lollier

Picture run in the papers on May 21, 1935 announcing the marriage of Dorothy Granger and George Lollier, with the original caption..





Edna May Olliver at left and Thelma Todd at center, in THE POOR RICH.


Thelma Todd On Stage In SPEAK EASILY

Here is a publicity photo of Thelma Todd on stage in a snowy scene in SPEAK EASILY. This scene involves balloons, most of which get popped shortly when Buster Keaton gets everything all fouled up. According to the story, this makes the show a great success. Thelma Todd helped, too.


Hal Roach Studios Exhibit At Museum

The Hollywood Museum in the historic Max Factor building has an exhibit for the Hal Roach studios .

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Mabel Todd Pictures

Mabel Todd again. Oh yeah, and Ted Healy, too. That's him.

 Next, we have some pictures of her without Ted Healy.
 She's much prettier, don't you think?




Mabel Todd and husband Morey Amsterdam circa 1940.
Mabel Todd and Patsy Kelly were labeled a team by some of the publicity for THE COWBOY AND THE LADY.  
 This caption treats all four comedy relief types as a unit. The two men are Fuzzy Knight and Walter Brennan.

A publicity photo for MYSTERIOUS MISS X ( 1939 ).