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One of June Marlowe's films with the gang was LOVE BUSINESS. Which I think of as being related to the Thelma Todd series.

Love Business

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Love Business
Love business.JPEG
Directed byRobert F. McGowan
Produced byRobert F. McGowan
Hal Roach
Written byH. M. Walker
Music byLeroy Shield
Marvin Hatley
CinematographyArt Lloyd
Editing byRichard C. Currier
Distributed byMGM
Release dates
  • February 14, 1931 (1931-02-14)
Running time20:12
CountryUnited States
Love Business is a 1931 Our Gang short comedy film directed by Robert F. McGowan.[1] It was the 104th (16th talking episode) Our Gang short that was released.


Jackie is hopelessly in love with Miss Crabtree. At the same time, his sister Mary Ann tells their mother that Jackie is in love with Miss Crabtree. Jackie runs off to school without eating breakfast. Meanwhile, Miss Crabtree becomes a boarder in Jackie's home and moves in later that day. Chubby also is in love with Miss Crabtree and practices kissing her on an oversized cardboard statue of Greta Garbo. Then at school, Wheezer tells Jackie, Mary Ann, Chubby, Farina, Donald, and Bonedust that Miss Crabtree was moving into their house. Jackie has mixed emotions about this.
That evening, Miss Crabtree has dinner with Jackie, Mary Ann, Wheezer, and their mother. Mothballs fell into the soup a bit earlier giving the soup a very bitter taste. Later, Chubby stops in to see Miss Crabtree and recites some very romantic poetry. Miss Crabtree asks Chubby where he got all this stuff. He says from Wheezer (who got them from his mother's old love letters). Mother hears this and is about to give Wheezer a spanking but decides not to in the end.


Most of the schoolyard scenes were edited out of the Little Rascals television print in 1971 due to stereotyping of African-Americans but reinstated in 1990s home video and in 2001 AMC showings.


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All the boys in the gang were supposed to have a crush on Miss Crabtree, which I guess was the basis of the story in this episode. I tend to think of Miss Crabtree as always having been there, but actually she was only in the series for a fairly short time. Rosina Lawrence would later play another pretty teacher in the series.

 Jackie Cooper, June "Miss Crabtree" Marlowe, Shirley Jean Rickert, Norman "Chubby" Chaney, and Dorothy DeBorba.

Chubby practices kissing on a cardboard cutout of Greta Garbo in front of the theater. 

His actions are echoed in the background by a photo of Charley Chase embracing Thelma Todd.
 LOVE BUSINESS was followed by LOVE FEVER, a "Boy Friends" comedy in which the girls' boyfriends all fell for Thelma Todd. This film was then followed by LET'S DO THINGS, the first Zasu Pitts and Thelma Todd comedy. Which also had the "boy friends" and their girl friends from that series in cameo appearances.
But then, people are said to have thought of the Hal Roach studio as all being like one big family.

Hal Roach experimented with spoken titles at the beginning of his films in place of the usual print variety. Betty Mae and Beverly Crane voiced the credits for several of his comedies in this period, including LOVE BUSINESS and LOVE FEVER.



Our Gang:


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June Marlowe

June Marlowe played "Miss Crabtree", Our Gang's schoolteacher. But there's more to her career.

June Marlowe

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June Marlowe
June Marlowe Famous Film Folk.jpg
BornGisela Valaria Goetten
(1903-11-06)November 6, 1903
St. Cloud, Minnesota, U.S.
DiedMarch 10, 1984(1984-03-10) (aged 80)
Burbank, California, U.S.
Years active1923–1932
Spouse(s)Rodney Sprigg
June Marlowe (November 6, 1903 – March 10, 1984), was an American actress, who appeared in six Our Gang short subjects as the lovely schoolteacher Miss Crabtree.


Marlowe was born Gisela Valaria Goetten of German parents in St. Cloud, Minnesota. She was a prolific actress in silent films during the 1920s, appearing in films opposite John Barrymore and Rin Tin Tin. She was one of the WAMPAS Baby Stars of 1925. Her career did well until the introduction of talking pictures. Marlowe did not make an easy transition, and by 1930 she was starting to drift away from acting.

Miss Crabtree

By chance, she happened to meet Our Gang director Robert F. McGowan one day in a Los Angeles, California, department store. McGowan was searching for an actress to portray the schoolteacher in the Our Gang series of children's comedies. After producer Hal Roach suggested that brunette Marlowe don a blonde wig to match the hair of the lead kid in the series, Jackie Cooper, she was given the part of Miss Crabtree.

Marlowe in her signature role of Miss Crabtree from the film School's Out.
Marlowe and Cooper were paired together in three Our Gang films, Teacher's Pet, School's Out and Love Business. She also had a small role in 1931's Little Daddy. In addition to her work in Our Gang, Marlowe appeared in fellow Roach stars Laurel and Hardy's first feature film, Pardon Us.
After Cooper left Our Gang in 1931 to appear in MGM features, Marlowe's Miss Crabtree character was used in only two more shorts, 1931's Shiver My Timbers and 1932's Readin' and Writin'.
In 1933, Marlowe married Hollywood businessman Rodney Sprigg and retired from motion pictures to become a housewife.


In her later years, she suffered from Parkinson's disease, dying from complications caused by it on March 10, 1984.
Marlowe was originally buried at the San Fernando Mission Cemetery but was interred in the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles in 2002.


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I liked June Marlowe in Our Gang comedies and Laurel and Hardy's PARDON US, but I don't remember her from much of anything else. She did work with Charlie Chase.




With the gang.



June Marlowe:


Little Rascals - Dell Four Color #674

Comic book adventures of famous comedians frequently leave out the pretty girls they worked with in the movies. But the "Pretty Teacher" in a couple of the last stories here could be June Marlowe's "Miss Crabtree" ( or "Miss Lawrence", but the short hair the character has reminds me of Miss Crabtree. )



































                                                               And here's June Marlowe.

June Marlowe: