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House Where Thelma Todd Lived

From the Thelma Todd Fans group on facebook:

Here is another one of the places she lived in Lawrence MA. From my research which is still in preliminary phases I believe these are the only two buildings she lived in that still stand. Other addresses included

306 South Broadway Lawrence Ma.
121 Marston St,Lawrence Ma
100 Blanchard St. Lawrence Ma

In case you guys wanted to street view the neighborhoods

The caption at the bottom reads "100 Blanchard St."


Thelma Todd Garage - Roland West's House



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Thelma And Her Mother


Thelma And Her Mother. This photo was used in the Andy Edmonds book, which did not depict Mrs. Todd favorably.


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Thelma Todd's Purse, Gloves, And Hat On Display


Posted in Thelma Todd Fans group on facebook.

Thelma Todd's purse, gloves, and hat on display at a Sons Of The Desert meeting.

Scott Margolin The purse is from Fra Diavolo, hence the images from the film on the table. It was part of Thelma's costume in the film


Car Blanket With Thelma's initials


Posted by Mark Edwards in Thelma Todd Fans group on facebook.
This is the car blanket , With Thelma's initials.  It was given to my aunt Thelma from Alice Todd


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Letter Written By Thelma (Edwards ) Belyea


Posted by Mark Edwards in Thelma Todd Fans group on facebook.

This is my aunt Thalma who wrote the letter below.

The letter was written by Thelma (Edwards ) Belyea who is named after Thelma Todd she was 14 at the time of death,, She’s related on mothers side .

She was responding to this letter

The Elizabeth Mackilligan book is mentioned at https://www.ancestry.ie/boards/surnames.mackilligan/1?itemsPerPage=TEN&page=1&sortDirection=DESCENDING&viewType=TREE_VIEW as a family history that was published in 1982.


Thelma Todd's 1923 High School Graduation Picture


Posted by Mark Edwards in Thelma Todd Fans group on facebook.

This was Thelma's graduation picture sent to my grandfather.


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Wheeler and Woolsey On Television 2


After writing about Wheeler and Woolsey on television I recalled that I had seen television schedules from the 1950's which had their movies listed*.  I was able to find a few of these schedules on the internet, and was able to get the text version of  this one for the blog.  

Wheeler and Woolsey are fourteen lines up from the end on this one,

The Tribune from Seymour, Indiana

October 26, 1957

SEYMOUR DXlLy TRIBUNE TV GUIDE SATURDAY,' OCTOBER m, 195t WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 1957 WAVE-TV 3" WHAS-TVi. WTTV 4 WFBM-TV 6 WISH-TV I at - - - 6h.-- m W AJ ' - W-r '" " - Tfci -- !(V - - w m .- M' w mm r t m m. m. , m- LeuItvilU LouitvilU Bloominaton Irttjionopol Indionopolii .r .. Today , Today Jimmy Dean " ': '' " ' " CBS New " " Captain Kangaroo Capt. Kangaroo Oi0 " " - - :S " New Weather News & Weather :0a Arlene Francis Sh. Garrj Moor x Romper Room Garry Moore 7 :J Treasure Hunt Godfrey Time Amos 'N Andy Godfrey 1A-1I Th .Price Ii Right Price Is Right 1U :M Truth or Conseq. Strike It Rich Truth or Conseq. Strike It Rich U:0 TIC Tac Dough Hotel Cosmopolitan Tic Tac Dough.---' Hotel Cosmopolites M J " l ove of Life " x Love Of Life :S . It Could Be You Search for Tomor. It Could J9e" You Search Tor Tomor : " Guiding Light Guiding Light ,-'00 Flickers; Movie Midday Roundup ,.MJrt Rep: News News A Weather 1 T IS " " ' .. Farm News Farm A Home IfcrSO " As The World Trns Rhodes Show As World Turns : 1:0 Beat the Clock ,v " Beat' the Clock :1S OOP Telecast " :3 Bride Sc Groom House Party Bride and Groom House Party :4S " " OS NBC Matinee Th. Big Pavoft Matinee Theatre Pavoff Ois - - - ! ,. ' " Verdict is Yours " Verdict Is Yours :a - 3:00 Queen Tor A Day Brighter Day . Queen for a Day Brighter Day :1S " Secret Storm " -Secret Storm M " -Edge 'of Night " Edge Of Night :4S Modern Romances " Modern Romances 4:00 ' Comedy Tim T-Bar-V Ranch Indiana Univ. Comedy Time Chapel Door sIV - -. ' Cartoons :M FNmnv Flickers " WtreTer-WoOlsey Movie Tim Slu Ervin :4S Flickers: Watch B. Cactus Cartoons Carolvn Churcbmar 5:0 Wild BtU Hickok " Abbott-CestelTo " Early Show :1S " Foreign Legionnaire .. - :J Mickey Mouse Clufc Popeye Cartoon Corral :4S CBS News NBC News 6:00 Weather: t Final Small Talk Little Rascals Weather: News News- Weather :IS NBC News New " Snort Parade Cartoons :J0 Disnevland Jim Bowie Popeve Waeon Train I Love Lucy :4S Frank Edwards 7:00 The Big Record Crossfire " The Big Record :IS - .... -.30 Father Knows Best " " Fattier Knows Best :4$ - 90 TV Theater The Millionaire Men of Annapolis Kraft TV Theatr The Millionaire 0 :H " . I've Got A Secret Tonight at 8 30 I've Got A Secret :S 9:00 This Is Your Life Circle Theater - This Is Your Life Circle Theatre :l$ - " - M Date With Angels " Hawkeye :4 - " " " . :0 OSS. What's Your Ques? Frank Edwards David Niven Orticial Detective 1A:1 Hollywood Movie - IV -.30 Kite Ed: Wea: Spts Ne: Weathervan News and Weather News :4S Starlight Theater Sports: Movietime 3 Star Theatre Late Show 11 u :4S . ,-Jh "J Both Th Rang And Refrtgaraior - ' fS'tVI With Complete Home Outfit! I ec5fCi t-PIECE LIVING ROOM! tS'fw-i1! 2-Piece. Innercoil Suite Ex-x2S 1 le1 posed Frame Chair. 1 CO ,! jJjJS I Swank'Tables2Lamps OJ iJS I CHOICE NEW BEDROOM! JSZ&lr-: Modern Grev Bookcase Bed '202 y' 1 Double Dresser Chest 1CQ5 ;PTj. I Plus Mattress Set! " I BIG 47-PIECE DINETTE! J I f f) New Chrome and Plastic Dinette 1 1 I Set Plus -piece 7A M f rt I Dinnerware for H I FURNITURE r-. YLS lifei i0$ W. 2nd St. . F0H ONLY S199.93 you can take down that wash for the last time 002)38) a&8X3H DD C2 7 L D2 In yoiir how today DRY HEM FAST a typkal iW I M DRY EM SAFE t llttl se tfca Maytag Exclusive,' NO HOT SPOTSI A gentle circle of heat surrounds cloth, Automatic Tknt no' Trmeerstut Csntreh Ipetitt Wk il wear Wttln AntHM DIN . Special Ak fluff Stttin Hertric (230 W 1 15V) er 6 Uhfy Dew e .wtwf tVUMilAVtlili'it!) Urt'Mimiilaiitmisti IAaau ilim.i Seyrttour THURSDAY. OCTOBER 31, 1957 WAVE-TV 3 WHAS-TV 1 1 WTTV 4 WFBM-TV 6 WISH-TV 8 Louiiville Louiiville Bloomiwgtew Indionapolii lndionapoli 7:00 Todav Todav' Jimmv Dean :l ' ...... :30 : " . " CBS News . 0 Captain Kangaroo J Capt Kangaroo O:j0 " - :45 " News Weather News Weather 9:00 Arlcne Francis Sb. Garry Moure Romper Room . Garry Moor :1S . ' :J0 Treasure Hunt Godfrey Time Amos N Andy Godfrey :45 . :00 The Price Is Righ' - Pric.' ,s Bie"t 2 1U:M Truth or Conseq. Strike It Rich Truth or Conseq. Strike It Rich :4i - H:00 Tic Tac Dough Hotel '"o'tnopolitan Tic Tac Dough Hotel Cosmopolitan IS Love of Life " l ove Ol Life :J0 It Could Be You Search for Tomor. It Could Be You Search For Tomor :4S Guiding Lieht Guiding Light , :00 Flickers; Movies Midday Roundup MM Reports; New! News Ai Weather y:lS " - Farm News Farm Ar Home ttt .St " As the World Turns Rhodes Show As World Turns :45 1:00 " Beat the Clock " Beat the Clock :1S GOP Telecast :30 Bride Groom House Party Bride and Groom House Party :4J 2:00 NBC Matinee Th. Big Pavoff Matinee Theatre Pavoff :1S :S0 - Verdict Is Your " Verdict Is Yours :4S " " 3:00 Queen For A Day Brighter Day Queen for a Day Brighter Day :1S " . Societ Storm " Secret Storm :M " The Edge of Night " Edee Of Night :4S Modern Romances " Modern Romances 4:0 Comedy Hour T-Bar-V Ranch Indiana I'niv. Comedv Time Chapel Door :15 " " Cartoons :0 - Wheeler-Woolsey Movie Time Stu Ervin .. Flickers: Watch B. Adv of Rin Tin Tin Carolyn Churchman ' 5:0 Woody Woodpecker " Rocky Jones " Early Show ' " Last Of Mohican " :J0 Mickey Mouse Clur " Popeye Cartoon Corral " CBS News NBC News " 6:0 Weather: t Final Small Talk Little Rascal Weather, News News: Weather :15 NBC News Todav' New " Sports Parade Jimmv Mack : Tic Tac Dough Sgt Preston Popeve Tic Tac Dough Set. Preston :4S - ink Edward ' 7:00 You Bet Your Life Harbour Master Crossfire You Bet Your Life Harbourmaster :1S - - :S0 Dragnet Shower of Stars " Dragnet Shower of Start :0J O. Henry Playhouse J The Tracer People's Choice "m O : Tennessee Ernie Playhouse 90 Tonight at 30 Ford Show Playhouse 90 :0 Rosemary Clooney " 2 Rosemary Cloonpy - f:3 Harbor Command ". Jane Wyman " :S " ' " . : Silent Service Men- of Annapolis Fnank Edwards 3tate Trooper HonejTnoonsrl... t - f:l - ,,.. -. , - Wollvwood Movie lv:M Nile Ed; Wea: Sptt News Weaine: vam News and: Weather New : Starlight Theater Sports; Movietime 3 Star Theatre Late Show 1 1 MS t- t iirii . .1.,'..- -? ,i-t '.'e ans 4 ,,a,i..-i;...

*There were a number of dates when Wheeler and Woolsey movies were run on local television in this period. But this was before my time, and I know of it only from records.

Wheeler and Woolsey On Television:


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Marx Brothers With June MacCloy


Photo of the Marx Brothers waving with June MacCloy during a scene from the 1940 comedy-western "GO WEST", signed and inscribed in fountain pen, "To Hortence and Jack, Harpo Marx," "To Hortence and Jack, Sincerely Groucho Marx," and "Chico Marx.” 


Thursday, March 19, 2020

June MacCloy

June MacCloy was another actress who was associated with comedies.

June MacCloy, Marion Shilling, Gertrude Short GIGOLETTES

Three of the Gay Girls comedies were directed by Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle, who had also been a director on the "Hollywood Girls" series. John MacCloy said of him, "I loved working with Fatty [Arbuckle]. He was a peach of a guy!"     

Like Thelma Todd. June MacCloy played Eve,

Reblogged from http://hornsection.blogspot.com/2018/04/leon-errol-series-good-morning-eve-1934.html

although she played Eve herself in GOOD MORNING EVE, while in SEVEN FOOTPRINTS TO SATAN Thelma Todd played a different Eve who dealt with what turned out to be an impostor Satan.

June MacCloy with Groucho Marx in GO WEST.


 June MacCloy, Marion Schilling, and Getrrude Short in NIAGARA FALLS.

Groucho Marx, Iris Adrian, June MacCloy, and Joan Woodbury in GO WEST ( 1940 ).

June MacCloy:






Thelma Todd and Loretta Young.


Friday, March 13, 2020

First Annual Actors' Equity Carnival Program 1929


This is an original souvenir program  from the "Actors Equity Association First Annual Actor's Equity Carnival".   The event was held at The Edgewater Gables, Santa Monica,  on August 3, 1929.

There are great photos of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, Thelma Todd, Chester Conklin, Mae Murray, Ben Lyon, Marilyn Miller, George Arliss, Helen Ware, Henry B. Walthall, Mary Eaton, Claude Gillingwater, Charlotte Greenwood, John Bower, Marguerite De La Motte, James Kirkwood, Beatrice Lillie, Reginald Denny, Laura La Plante, Raymond Griffith, Bessie Love, Pauline Frederick, Richard Barthelmess, George Fawcett, The Gleasons and Rex, Francis X. Bushman, Madge Bellamy, Alan Hale, Catherine Dale Owen, Dennis King, Jeanette MacDonald, Alden Gay, Kenneth Thomson, Antonio Moreno, Hoot Gibson, Maude Fulton, Bert Wheeler and Robert Woolsey, Virginia Valli, John Boles, Warner Oland, Joseph Cawthorn, Otto Matiesen, Marion Harris, Neil Hamilton, Evelyn Hall, Claude King, Tom Dugan, Lowell Sherman, Bessie Barriscale, Mitchell Lewis, Robert McWade, Vivienne Segal, Monte Blue, Eddie Quillan, Richard "Skeet" Gallagher, Carmelita Geraghty, Sam de Grasse, Billy Dooley, Eugene O'Brien, Mack Swain, Frank Reicher, Billie Dove, Lilyan Tashman, Edmund Lowe, Jeanne Kent, Robert Armstrong, Claude Gillingwater, Jr.,Sylvia Field, Eddie Gribbon, Stuart Holmes, and Hedwiga Reicher. Other stars took out small ads with no photo..these include such names as Buster Keaton, Charley Chase, Max Davidson, and Lina Basquette.

The back cover is an ad for "The Voice Of The Screen" Casting Directory so I imagine they are the ones that supplied all the great photos in this book.

It measures 8 3/4" x 11 1/4" inches and  has 112 pages.


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Jeanette MacDonald


 Here we see Marie Wilson with Thelma Todd and Patsy Kelly as well as Jeanette MacDonald at a Hollywood party in 1935.

The only Jeanette MacDonald movie I ever saw on local television was SAN FRANCISCO ( 1938 )..Jeanette MacDonald was a star in the thirties, who is best known for working with Nelson Eddy, but none of those movies were ever run here*.

The fact that those movies were not being run here does not mean that there is no interest in them or that these stars have been forgotten. Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy are still popular. There is still a fan club for them which has been publishing a fanzine**, . 

 and it's even possible to get back issues of their fanzine.reprinted in book form.

.The popularity of stars does not depend entirely on how recenty or how often their movies have been run on television. It depends more on whether anyone actually likes the movies, something which could be related to their availability, but which does not depend entirely on that.

*A PBS documentary on Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy was run here, but not the movies themselves..

**I have seen this fanzine at a local auction, so someone in this area was getting it, and what I have written is notheoretical. It is a description of things as I know them to have been athat time.


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Wheeler and Woolsey On Television


A little more on the subject of something that was supposed to be a universal truth that wasn't.

This time we take a critical look at some of the criticism of Wheeler and Woolsey.

Are Wheeler and Woolsey forgotten?  Were Wheeler and Woolsey movies run on Television?

I have records of a few of those movies that were run here in Indianapolis. NIWITS was run here in the seventies, the date is in my files.Two of the videos that I have were recorded in Evansville ( another town ) according to station identification. HIPS HIPS HOORAY was run in Chicago ( which is in the next state ), I just missed it when I went. there in the late seventes.The PBS series "Mainee At The Bijou" began in in the late seventes,some Wheeler and Woolse movies were part of their program.

HALF SHOT AT SUNRISE was also run on a local station in 1990's, as was DIXIANA. 

Some prints of Wheeler and Woolsey movies i have been looking at have television credits.

Television credits indicate that these films were released to television.

There's also a problem with invoking Laurel and Hardy and the Marx Brothers while discussing the popularity of Wheeler and Woolsey, because the work of those comedians is not well known to much of the populaion, either.

Some of what we are expected to know about is not well known. Although the media liked to talk about Eddie Cantor and Frances Farmer, none of their movies were ever shown here during that period.  Maybe it was something that just didn't get that far. Maybe some of the media's other efforts won't get very far either.

I get tired of being told about what I do and do not know about, myself.


Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Miss Massachusetts 1925


Thelma Todd won the title of "Miss Massachusetts" in 1925.

From the Thelma Todd Fan Group on facebook.