Friday, August 30, 2013

Thelma Todd Autographs

Thelma Todd's autograph is not particularly rare compared to that of some other stars of that era. She would sign things for fans. The only thing that would tend to make her autograph difficult to find would be it's age.

An early photograph supplied by the studio with a printed autograph.

This was probably a black and white photo that was colored afterwards.
 Thelma Todd frequently used one letter "T" for both her first and last names, as in this example. 
And here we have a few photos with a short message along with the signature.

This photograph was autographed by not only Zasu Pitts and Thelma Todd, but the photographer ( Stax ) as well.

A couple of notes from Thelma Todd that turned up on ebay. 


Thelma Todd's autograph was reproduced in SCREEN ODDITIES, as were the autographs of many other stars of the day.


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"Growing Up In Hollywood" By Whitney Williams

This article was originally published in MOVIE CLASSIC of September 1936.


 Early in her career Fay Wray was an extra at the Roach studio.

Harry Langdon's star was in decline when this article was written, but he was still making movies.  

 "The Spider Girl" was a circus attraction in which a girl appeared to be a spider: as in many such tricks, it was all done by mirrors.

The Black Hand was a system of extortion, rather than an organization as was sometimes believed. A number of movie stars were the victims of extortionists in this period, including Thelma Todd.
Actor Fritz Leiber was the father of the writer of the same name.
Black Hand:
Spider Girl:

Thelma Todd In The Fan Magazines.

More stuff from the old fan magazines.



Watch Her!
















The appointment of Ginsberg to a position of studio manager was done in connection with financial arrangements Roach had made. Another item mentions Educational, which would have been a rival to Roach in the production of comedies. Educational would fold by the end of the decade.
















"Vic And Sade", mentioned here in connection with Thelma Todd, was a popular radio program of the day.

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