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Original French 12 1/4 inch x 8 3/4 inch 8 Page Illustrated Pressbook for the 1927 Gregory La Cava Romantic Drama THE GAY DEFENDER, based on the story by Grover Jones and starring Richard Dix, Thelma Todd, Fred Kohler, Jerry Mandy and Robert Brower.



Original French 12 1/4 inch x 8 3/4 inch 8 Page Illustrated Pressbook for the 1927 John Waters Western NEVADA, based on the novel by Zane Grey and starring Gary Cooper, Thelma Todd, William Powell, Phillip Strange and Ernie Adams.


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Mary Kornman In One Of Thelma Todd's Dresses


From Thelma Todd Group on facebook.

Dorothy DeBorba and Mary Kornmann in a publicity photo from "Fish Hooky."

Mary Kornman is wearing Thelma's dress from "Show Business", released the previous August.

SHOW BUSINESS (1932) Anita Garvin, ZaSu Pitts, and Thelma Todd.

"Fish Hooky.":


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First Annual Actors' Equity Carnival Program 1929


This is an item I've had on the blog before.  It was relisted on ebay, and this time the pictures are clearer. Note that not all of these people were in silent movies as this says.

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ebay seller's description: 

"this is a wonderful silent movie item. it's a first annual equity carnival souvenir program from august 3, 1929. the event was held at the edgewater gables, santa monica, ca. cover offers lovely henry clive artwork. quite thick - 116 pgs, including covers.

highlights -

1 pg image of such stars as - 

stan laurel & oliver hardy

 mae murray

 thelma todd

 jeanette macdonald

 bessie love

 pauline frederick

 mary eaton

 laura la plante

 virginia vall

i madge bellamy

 charlotte greenwood

 marguerite de la motte

 bessie barriscale

 bessie dove

 lilyan tashman

 beatrice lillie

 marilyn miller

 james kirkwood

 john bowers

 john boles

 warner oland (of charlie chan fame)

 bert wheeler (of wheeler & woolsey fame).

 robert woolsey. mentions rio rita.

 antonio moreno

 hoot gibson

 richard barthelmess

 dennis king

 francis x. bushman

 ray griffith (raymond griffith)

 reginald denny

 james kirkwood

 ben lyon

 chester conklin

 billy dooley, the goofy gob

 mack swain

 george arlis

 henry b. walthall

neil hamilton

 catherine dale owen

 marion harris

 vivienne segal

 monte blue

 eddie quillan

 carmelita geraghty

 last page is promo for a kennel, picturing a german shepherd dog. the program is in very nice condition, esp when considering its age/fragile nature. some wear/damage that includes - tear on bottom edge of binding. tip crease that goes into 1st pg. a few edge tears. 1st pg has some red bleeding, but the image of sam hardy (director general) is terrific. back cover is a little separated from contents but is attached. back cover has some scratches, edge tears, corner creases. wonderful silent movie item."

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The Many's Page


The Many is the current owner of the site of what was Thelma Todd's Sidewalk Cafe. Their website 
keeps Thelma Todd's memory alive.


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Silent Screen Star~Jewel Carmen~ A Biography


Silent Screen Star~Jewel Carmen~ A Biography

Thelma Todd's photo shows up several times without being identified. She is part of this story, but it is not made clear here that she is Thelma Todd. The photo could be taken for Jewel Carmen.

The grand jury did not rule the death of Thelma Todd an accident. Actually threw out the accident theory, but were then split between murder and suicide and were unable to come to a decision.* 

Roland West was not publicly accused of murder at the time. 

*Same mistake was also in the last video. Actually the inquest had said it was probably an accident.


Friday, April 2, 2021

Part 2: The Strange and Mysterious Circumstances of Thelma Todd


Nicole Frederick documentary.


A belief does not prove something, and not believing something does not disprove something. In this case, they didn't prove anything. Something that could be said of both the original investigation and this video. 

The statement was made that Pat DiCicco was not a suspect, but he was one of the last people to see her alive, and ordinarily would have been considered at least a possible suspect if the authorities were looking for one. The problem here was that the investigation didn't get that far, for which reason it also is not certain if the case should be called a "crime", as I believe it was termed here.

Roland West was not considered to be one of the last people to see her alive, but I can see how someone might think he was, as she had gone back to the restaurant where he was at. But there is no proof, which isn't the only problem with this story, which attempts to overcome the objection that Thelma Todd would have known about the dangers of CO poisoning by placing the blame on someone else, who would also have known about the dangers of CO poisoning. 

The story about Roland West unintentionally causing the death of Thelma Todd was not a new one when it was published by Marvin Wolf, as about the same story had previously appeared in HOLLYWOOD HEARTBREAK by Laurie Jacobson. The Marvin Wolf book shown in video does not have the story, which was in a magazine article that was published separately. 

Richard W. Bann is an authority on the Hal Roach studio. He has said that Hal Roach complained about Marvin Wolf's account, something that has been ignored by accounts such as this video. He has also written that the nickname "Hot Toddy" was used by Thelma Todd herself.

Where controversy exists, I think it's better to listen to both sides. Not everyone does this, but everyone should.

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Below is a link to the first part of the Nicole Frederick documentary.

The Life And Career Of Thelma Todd Part 1

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And here are a few related links. "Thelma Todd's Death Solved" by Marvin Wolf is here, along with  some of my previous posts which are related to what was in the video. I may not have all the answers, but I can tell you a little about this stuff.

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