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CHEATING BLONDES was a 1932 dramatic film starring Thelma Todd. We've had this movie on the blog before, but the old entry seems to have quit working.


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Proxide Problem Of The First World War

The first World War cut off the supply of certain chemical products which formerly had been imported from Germany. This included the chemicals that had been used to develop film, but also included hydrogen peroxide. Though the following item was light in tone, the problem it dealt with was real.

From THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR, Saturday, October 23, 1915:

The price of peroxide has gone up 200 percent in the last two months and in all probability will keep going up. This is another one of the horrors of war. Some of the chemical components of peroxide come from the war zone and this is another product that has been ruined by bursting shells. The situation is a serious one for volunteer blondes. Some of the burlesque beauties are in a panic as they root around in medicine closet and other receptacles in the hope of resurrecting a bottle or two in which a few teaspoonfuls of peroxide may still be lurking before their locks begin to show a kind of greenish-yellowish tinge due to the peroxide famine.

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Dorothy Appleby Poster

A couple of posters for KING OF THE WILD HORSES.


Dorothy Appleby Poster

IN THE SWEET PIE AND PIE - Mary Ainslee with Moe Howard, Ethelreda Leopold with Larry Fine, and Dorothy Appleby with Curly.

"Alamy" is an ebay seller.


Dorothy Appleby Photos

Some Dorothy Appleby photos.

Aiming a pie at Moe Howard in IN THE SWEET PIE AND PIE.

With Buster Keaton and Elsie Ames in a photo that was autographed by Keaton.


Dorothy Appleby Poster

Dorothy Appleby and Beatrice Blinn on either side of Buster Keaton in a poster for NOTHING BUT PLEASURE, a two-reel comedy released by Columbia Pictures.


Dorothy Appleby And Buster Keaton

A publicity picture for NOTHING BUT PLEASURE.



Dorothy Appleby, Buster Keaton, and Elsie Ames in publicity photos for THE TAMING OF THE SNOOD.

Buster Keaton is selling hats in this one, so they're all wearing funny hats.

This is a publicity photo that doesn't actually represent a scene from the movie.

A lobby card showing Dorothy Appleby with Buster Keaton.

"Alamy" is an ebay seller.


1933 Herald For YOUNG SINNERS

The herald for the 1933 production of YOUNG SINNERS.

This is a rare April 3rd, 1933 playbill from the Broadway revival of the ELMER HARRIS comedy "YOUNG SINNERS" at the Ambassador Theatre in New York City. (The Original Broadway production opened November 28th, 1929 at New York's Morosco Theatre and ran for 289 performances. This revival opened March 6th, 1933 and ran for 72 performances.) ..... The play starred DOROTHY APPLEBY and the cast included ARTHUR BOWYER, JOHN BRAMALL, MADY CORRELL, PAUL CLARE, DOROTHY DIANNE, WALTER DREHER, JACKSON HALLIDAY, GEORGE LESSEY, VIRGINIA LLOYD, DAVID MORRIS, PADDY REYNOLDS, FRANK SHANNON, HILDA SPONG, FREDDIE STANGE and RALPH SUMPTER ..... CREDITS: Book by ELMER HARRIS; Sets designed by ROLLO WAYNE; Directed by CARL HUNT; Produced by THOMAS KILPATRICK ..... DETAILS: The 18 page playbill measures 7" X 9 1/2" inches and includes full production credits, cast list, synopsis of scenes, bios of each of the leading actors and wonderful vintage advertising but with the exception of the front cover, no cast photos. The back cover features a Lucky Strike Cigarettes ad capitalizing on the success of the Pulitzer Prize winning GEORGE GERSHWIN and GEORGE S. KAUFMAN musical comedy "OF THEE I SING"


1930 YOUNG SINNERS Playbill

The playbill for the play.

This is a rare September 15th, 1930 playbill from the Original Broadway production of the ELMER HARRIS comedy "YOUNG SINNERS" which played the National Theatre in New York City. (The production opened November 28th, 1929 at New York's Morosco Theatre and moved to the National Theatre at the end of the 289 performance run.) ..... The play starred DOROTHY APPLEBY (shown in the cover photo) and the cast included ASTRID ALWYNN, JACKSON HALLIDAY, JUNE BLOSSOM, SIDNEY SHELDON, JOHN BRAMALL, EDITH SHAYNE, ALFRED A. HESSE, RAYMOND GUION, GEORGE LESSEY, ARTHUR BOWYER, EDWARD RACEY, MURIEL BELASCO, JOHN HARRINGTON, PADDY REYNOLDS and ARTHUR SCANLON ..... CREDITS: Book by ELMER HARRIS; Sets designed by ROLLO WAYNE; Directed by STANLEY LOGAN; Produced by the Messrs. SHUBERT ..... DETAILS: The 26 page playbill measures 7 1/8" X 9 1/2" inches and includes full production credits, cast list, synopsis of scenes, bios of each of the leading actors and wonderful vintage advertising but with the exception of the front cover, no cast photos 


1929-1930 New Yorker Theater YOUNG SINNERS Poster

YOUNG SINNERS was a play that Dorothy Appleby appeared with on Broadway, on and off, for several years. This is a poster for the original production of YOUNG SINNERS.

Ebay seller's description ( which is from the internet movie database ):

Dorothy Appleby the  apple-cheeked brunette was in many supporting roles in many 1930s and 1940s films. She is best remembered as a supporting player in Columbia two-reel comedies, opposite such legends as the Three Stooges, Buster Keaton, Andy Clyde, and Harry Langdon. Dorothy made her stage debut at the tender age of just 2 ½, in East Lynne at the Portland Theatre. She became "Ms. Maine" in a beauty contest, selected by Rudolph Valentino. Her stage roles included Helen Of Troy, Young Sinners, and Springtime For Henry. Dorothy entered films in 1932, and appeared in numerous roles in movie such as _Under Eighteen (1932)_, As the Earth Turns (1934) (as leading lady 'Jean Muir''s troublesome stepsister), I Give My Love (1934), High Sierra (1941), and Manpower (1941). Thanks to the wonder of television, and the constant popularity of the Three Stooges, she is seen almost daily around the world wherever the Stooge shorts are aired. Some of Dorothy's hobbies were swimming, roller-skating, painting, and poetry. She retired from the big screen in 1942, and married musician Paul Drake soon thereafter. They were married until her passing on August 9, 1990.


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We've had a picture of Dorothy Appleby lying on a hammock before. This movie seems to be where it came from.

YouTube description:
From early 1934 Warner Brothers AS THE EARTH TURNS, based on Gladys Hasty Carroll's novel; directed by Alfred E. Green; starring Jean Muir, Donald Woods, Russell Hardie, Emily Lowry, Arthur Hohl, George Billings, Marilyn Knowlden, Javir Gibbons, Joyce Kay, Dorothy Gray, Cora Sue Collins, Dorothy Peterson, David Landau, Clara Blandick, William Janney, Dorothy Appleby, Sarah Padden, Egon Brecher, David Durand, Wally Albright and in a small, uncredited role a very young Shirley Temple. Can you spot her?


Jean Muir:


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Some Bathing Beauty pictures from Mack Sennett's World War I feature-length comedy YANKEE DOODLE IN BERLIN.

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                                                                  Marie Prevost

Alice Maison

Sheet Music

On the sheet music, starting from left: Myrtle Lind, Marie Prevost, Phyllis Haver, Alice
Maison, Harriet Hammond, Phyllis Haver again and Alice again. Mack Sennett is
front and center


Mack Sennett's Bathing Beauties

From "Mack Sennett's Bathing Beauties" on facebook.

Third from left is Elva Diltz, then Virginia Fox, Phyllis Haver, Sibyl Seely, Marion Aye, unknown.


Phyllis Haver Photos

Phyllis Haver with Ben Turpin in a publicity picture for Mack Sennett comedies.

Phyllis Haver with Buster Keaton in a publicity picture for BALLOONATIC.

                    Phyllis Haver on the cover of the August 1929 issue of SCREENLAND


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