Monday, March 31, 2014

Carol Tevis In The Fan Magazines

A few items for Carol Tevis , who appeared in the "Blondes and the Redheads" series and other comedy films of the thirties, as well as providing voices for Minnie Mouse and the Munchkins in THE WIZARD OF OZ.

Carol Tevis at top left.

A "Blondes and Redheads" item in the lower left hand column.

Review of CONTENTED CALVES on lower right.


An article about movie stars on the radio, including Carol Tevis.

Carol Tevis mentioned as being on CBS.


Carol Tevis mentioned in this article, along with many other movie stars.


Carol Tevis is mentioned in the upper part of the column on the right side of this page.

Will Rogers, a top star of the thirties who had worked for Roach in the silent era, is mentioned in the lower part of the column on the right.
Irvin S. Cobb, who worked with Will Rogers and made some short subjects for Hal Roach, is mentioned at the start of this page.


The Blondes and the Redheads series:

Carol Tevis:


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Rosina Lawrence In The Fan Magazines


Roach signs Rosina Lawrence. On the same page is an item about Roach's production of feature films.

A couple of items on the right side of the page refer to a couple of gags I don't remember in WAY OUT WEST.

Another item a little further down the column is about A DAY AT THE RACES, which was the Marx Brothers movie where they had Esther Muir in place of Thelma Todd.

Rosina Lawrence is mentioned as being beautiful in a 1934 fan magazine article.

 I agree, but somebody else tore out a different picture and left hers.



 Kitty Carlisle was in A NIGHT AT THE OPERA with the Marx Brothers.

 Rosina Lawrence photo at top left.

 Rosina Lawrence ad for permanent waving solution.
Rosina Lawrence and friends in a beauty cream ad at top left. Rosina Lawrence was also in one of the movies reviewed on the right side of the page, MISTER CINDERELLA, with Jack Haley.

Note that Toby Wing is referred to as being a Roach star. She was in HILL TILLIES with Lyda Roberti and Patsy Kelly, but was better known as a chorus girl in Hollywood musicals.

Rosina Lawrence is in the top row, third from the left. Ruby Keeler ( left ) starred in some of the musicals that Toby Wing appeared in. Ben Blue ( right ) also worked for Hal Roach.

Mary Pickford was a star in the silent era. Both Cecilia Parker and Ann Rutherford appeared in "Andy Hardy" movies, which were among the most popular films of the thirties.

Rosina Lawrence with other starlets at the Hollywood Photographer's Frolic, 1937.

Frances Gifford later became famous for playing "Nyoka the Jungle Girl". Barbara Pepper and June Travis appeared in comedy movies in this period. Pete Smith had his own series of "Pete Smith Specialties" at MGM. Cecilia Parker played "Andy Hardy's" sister, also at MGM.

Rosina Lawrence hits the hay in CINE-MUNDIAL, a Spanish language movie magazine.

Virginia Bruce and Maureen O'Sullivan were stars at MGM.

Rosina Lawrence at bottom right in an Italian language movie magazine.

Rosina Lawrence's last movie was made in Italy.
Rosina Lawrence:


Friday, March 28, 2014

Lyda Roberti, Patsy Kelly, Rosina Lawrence - Fan Magazines

Some news items from when they were all working together.


"Fashionable Comediennes" at right is about the three girls.

In the middle of the page is an article that says that Patsy Kelly, Lyda Roberti, and Rosina Lawrence are to make a movie called GIRLS GO WEST.
 It sounds as if the original idea was to make a western with the girls, and then they made it a Laurel and Hardy movie instead.
An announcement for a movie called TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT.
 TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT was a working title for WAY OUT WEST, which was originally slated to have Jacqueline Wells in the part that eventually went to Rosina Lawrence. Sharon Lynne was in it,  but Lyda Roberti wasn't.
There is an article about Roach's preparations at the top of the page, and one about Rosina Lawrence in the middle of the page. "The Avalon Four" aka "The Avalon Boys" were in NOBODY'S BABY as well as AT SEA ASHORE. They also were in WAY OUT WEST.
 A review of NOBODY'S BABY is right of the center of the page.
On the right is an announcement
that Patsy Kelly, Lyda Roberti, and Rosina Lawrence have been added to the cast of PICK A STAR.
 A review of PICK A STAR in the middle of this page.

PICK A STAR was the last film to have Lyda Roberti, Patsy Kelly, and Rosina Lawrence all in it.




Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lyda Roberti In The Fan Magazines

Some Lyda Roberti items from the thirties.

Two-page spread shows a movie scene being shot with Miriam Hopkins and Lyda Roberti.
Lyda Roberti is the blonde with the dress trimmed with feathers near the right side of the photo on this page. It says so on the next page.




                                                                                  ROAD SHOW ( 1937 publicity photos )

Roach evidently had big hopes for Lyda Roberti, but heart trouble interfered with her ability to work, and she only made a few films for him. ROAD SHOW wouldn't be made until 1941, with Carole Landis.


                                                                         WIDE OPEN FACES ( 1938 )

Lyda Roberti with Joe E. Brown at lower right.



Hal Roach Studios Ad 1936

Hal Roach announces his move into the production of feature films.

From MOTION PICTURE DAILY, August 24, 1936.



 Rosina Lawrence is depicted as a member of the team, along with Patsy Kelly and Lyda Roberti, in what had been the Thelma Todd and Patsy Kelly series.

 Rosina Lawrence was also in KELLY THE SECOND, but not Lyda Roberti.  Pert Kelton was in it, Pert Kelton also was in one two-reeler with Pasty Kelly, PAN HANDLERS.
They also tried making an "Our Gang" feature.

 The Our Gang series continued after production of the other shorts ended.



Tuesday, March 25, 2014


TALKING SCREEN was a movie magazine that was named for the talkies. Here are a few Thelma Todd items from TALKING SCREEN in 1930.

Again we see Thelma Todd's height being given as five foot six.  Usually it was given as five foot four, but during the grand jury investigation they said five foot three.



Thelma Todd mentioned as being seen at the Coconut Grove with Harvey Priester. Dorothy Sebastian is also mentioned. She worked with Buster Keaton.

 Sharon Lynn was in WAY OUT WEST with Laurel and Hardy in 1937.

 Fatty Arbuckle is mentioned as working as a gag man. This was during the period that he was barred from acting in the movies due to the scandal of the twenties.

 Thelma Todd is mentioned as being in FOLLOW THROUGH.

HER MAN also had Thelma Todd in the cast, although that isn't mentioned here.