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An article about George Raft from a popular magazine of the 1960's.







Hal Roach Studios' 20th Anniversary Party Photo

From Randy Skretvedt on facebook.

Randy Skretvedt: This is from the Hal Roach Studios' 20th anniversary party, held on the lot on December 7, 1933. At left we have Babe and Myrtle Hardy, and actor-producer Wallace MacDonald sneering at us. In the background at right is Jesse Lasky with a cigarette. Then there's Ruby and James Parrott, and I don't know whom. The lady *might* be Myrtle's sister Mary Pense, but I don't know who the gentleman is. 

Nick Santa Maria: The man is actor, Kent Taylor.

Randy Skredvedt:  I think the lady is Kent's wife, Augusta. 

Richard W. Bann:  Of course that is Kent Taylor. Superman's alter ego was named in part for him.


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VAMPING VENUS was a 1928 First National production where Thelma Todd played Venus. Here is a publicity photo and the original caption that accompanied it.



Esther Muir With The Marx Brothers

Another publicity photo for A DAY AT THE RACES ( 1937 ).


Esther Muir Lobby Card

                                                      SAILOR'S LUCK ( 1933 )

Will Stanton, Sammy Cohen, Esther Muir and Frank Moran


Esther Muir Autographed

Photo by  Max Munn Autrey.  She has inscribed this photograph to veteran Hal Roach Studio film editor JACK OGILVIE in black ink as follows: "To Jack - My best pal - With love - Esther". 


Esther Muir Autographed

Esther Muir and friend, autographed by Esther Muir, with a reference to you know who.


A DAY AT THE RACES Comic With Esther Muir

A comic strip ad for A DAY AT THE RACES with a photo of Esther Muir, who is also depicted in the comics.

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Esther Muir Poster

Esther Muir's photo is prominent among artistic representations of the Marx Brothers on this colorful poster for A DAY AT THE RACES ( 1937 )


Esther Muir

Esther Muir worked with the Marx Brothers in A DAY AT THE RACES ( 1937 ). Some commentaries have referred to her as a substitute for Thelma Todd.

Esther Muir

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Esther Muir
Esther Muir (1940), Misbehaving Husbands.jpg

Esther Muir (1940), in Misbehaving Husbands
Born(1903-03-11)March 11, 1903
Andes, New York, U.S.
DiedAugust 1, 1995(1995-08-01) (aged 92)
Mount Kisco, New York, U.S.
Years active1931-1945
Spouse(s)Sam Coslow
(1933-1948) (divorced) 1 child
Busby Berkeley
Richard Brown
(?-?) (divorced)
Esther Muir (March 11, 1903 – August 1, 1995) was a character actress on Broadway and in Hollywood films.

Theatrical Reviews

Muir was born in Andes, New York and began modeling in New York City while still a high school student. She soon won a role in a show called Greenwich Village Follies. She participated in the Earl Carroll Vanities and in the International Review. The latter show starred Gertrude Lawrence. Her major break as a theatrical performer came when she landed the title role in My Girl Friday!, in 1929. While in London, England performing in a musical Esther became a favorite dancing partner of Edward VIII, then Prince of Wales. She befriended Wallis Warfield.

Movie Actress

Muir is probably best known today for her appearance with the Marx Brothers in A Day At The Races (1937). Muir toured with the Marxes in a stage version where material was crafted and rehearsed prior to filming. Muir described the Marx Brothers as diligent comic actors who sometimes worked days and weeks on a scene to perfect it. Her other screen credits include parts in I'll Take Romance (1937), City Girl (1938), and The Girl and the Gambler (1939). She continued in motion pictures until 1942. Her final role is Bonnie in X Marks The Spot. Her first motion picture appearance was in A Dangerous Affair in 1931.

Personal life

Muir was introduced by columnist Walter Winchell to Hollywood director and choreographer Busby Berkeley, whom she married. They were divorced in 1931. In the 1950s the former actress became a real estate developer in southern California. She supervised the construction of more than 400 tract homes. Muir married composer/producer Sam Coslow in Mexicali, Mexico on November 1, 1934. The couple repeated their wedding vows a year later in Ventura, California. The marriage ended in divorce in 1948. Her daughter, Jacqueline Coslow, became an actress and married actor Ted Sorel.[1]
Esther Muir died in 1995 at Northern Westchester Hospital in Mount Kisco, New York, aged 92. She had lived in Somers, New York.


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Esther Muir appeared in many comedy films, so comparisons to Thelma Todd were almost inevitable. She appeared in movies with Buster Keaton, Harry Langdon, Andy Clyde, and Wheeler and Woolsey as well as the Marx Brothers. But today she is best known for her film with the Marx Brothers.

 Glenn Mitchell's MARX BROTHERS ENCYCLOPEDIA states that "Her work in A DAY AT THE RACES included the pre-filming tour, during which she earned sufficient respect for the Marxes to insist on her being retained. She could take the knockabout gags and was even capable of bettering the comedians: she told FILMS IN REVIEW of having caught them asleep and bribing the chorus girls to paint the toenails red. The Marxes were left with the problem of explaining it to their wives".
They probably had to spend a lot of time explaining that one.

                                                         SAILOR'S LUCK ( 1933 )

SO THIS IS AFRICA ( 1933 ) with Bert Wheeler and Robert Woolsey
SO THIS IS AFRICA with Bert Wheeler. 

THE GREAT ZIEGFIELD ( 1936 ) with Fanny Brice
With William Powell and Fanny Brice.

                                    A DAY AT THE RACES ( 1937 ) with Groucho Marx

With the Marx Brothers.

Fun with wallpaper.

Watch a scene with Esther Muir from A DAY AT THE RACES.


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Thelma Todd With Movie Magazine

Thelma Todd with a movie magazine with what appears to be Chinese writing. This was one of a series of photos that showed her with movie magazines from different countries.


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THE BACHELOR GIRL was a 1929 Columbia picture which had Thelma Todd in the cast, along with William Collier Jr., Jacqueline Logan, and Edward Hearn.


Viola Richard Photos

With Stan Laurel at the Hal Roach Studio.

Viola Richard, Stan Laurel, and Charles Althoff

Viola Richard, Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, and Dorothy Coburn.

Buster Keaton with Viola Richard

The story is that she was his girlfriend at the time.


Dorothy Coburn Photos

Some Dorothy Coburn photos from the silent era.




Dorothy Coburn And Edna Marion In FLYING ELEPHANTS

From the Laurel and Hardy Archive on facebook.

Dorothy Coburn and Edna Marion


Dorothy Coburn

DOROTHY COBURN - (JORNAL DO BRASIL, Sunday, March 11, 1928, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
The epigraph was originally in English, and then it was translated to Portuguese... here is a translation back to English.
"Dorothy Coburn, gallant star of the Hal Roach comedies, gives a whistle to her favorite dog, went to the beach with her bathing suit. With such company it is worthy to be a puppy..."

DOROTHY COBURN - (PARA TODOS, Saturday, February 18, 1928, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.JPG)


102 Year Old Dancer Sees Herself On Film For The First Time

Alice Barker was a chorus line dancer during the Harlem Renaissance of the the 1930s and 40s. She danced at clubs such as The Apollo, Cotton Club, and Zanzibar Club, with legends including Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, and Bill "Bojangles" Robinson.


Happy Arbor Day

From Alfalfa and Spanky of Our Gang!


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Thelma Todd Photo

From the Laurel and Hardy Archive on facebook.

Publicity portrait


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A review of the Broadway play YOUNG SINNERS singles out Dorothy Appleby for praise.  From the NEW YORK EVENING POST April 21, 1931.

YOUNG SINNERS was a hit and ran on Broadway for several years, on and off. Dorothy Appleby made it bigger on Broadway than she did in the movies.