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Phyllis Crane Photos

Phyllis Crane was in the "Hollywood Girls" series at Educational and appeared in ALOHA with Thelma Todd during the same period. She was also in NOBODY'S BABY with Lyda Roberti and Patsy Kelly. She was also in Jules White's remade of SHOW BUSINESS, A PAIN IN THE PULLMAN, with the Three Stooges. She appeared in a number of films with the Three Stooges and is best known for those today.  
Phyllis Crane, Rita Flynn, Virginia Brooks in  THE LURE OF HOLLYWOOD.
With the Stooges in POP GOES THE EASEL.
 THREE LITTLE PIGSKINS. Left, Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Lucille Ball, Gertie Green Curly Howard, Phyllis Crane.

 Phyllis Crane



Barbara Stanwyck, Sally Blane, Phyllis Crane,  Martha Sleeper, and Blanche Friderici in TEN CENTS A DANCE, 1931.

Actually I think the one on the right here is Phyllis Crane, the other list was the order they were named in on another site.

Phyllis Crane





Phyllis Crane:

The Hollywood Girls Series at Educational:


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Diana Darrin

Early in here career, Diana Darrin worked with the Three Stooges. She went on to make other movies, appeared on different tv shows, and also had a career as a singer.

                                                          OUTER SPACE JITTERS


 With Jody Mcrea
Diana Darrin played a nurse in THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN ( 1957 )
and then in THE AMAZING COLOSSAL MAN ( 1957 ). 
Diana Darrin sang a song called LITTLE GUN, LITTLE ME.
Incidentally, this little gun is known as a derringer, which sounds almost like a pun.



Diana Darrin:



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This is the sheet music shown in ANOTHER FINE MESS.  Although it looks like something that was done as a gag, it was something that was beigng sold in stores at the time that film was made.                           





Norma Randall

Norma Randall was another pretty girl who worked with the Three Stooges.

                                                                        SPOOKS ( 1953 )

SPOOKS was the first of two 3-D movies the Three Stooges made.

THE 5,000 FINGERS OF DR. T ( publicity picture - this is not a scene from the movie ).

"Interesting Company: Two Columbia contract beauties, Norma Randall, left, and Rosemarie Bowe, have little Tommy Rettig in tow as he prepares to leave on a cross-country tour to exploit his latest film, The Kramer Company's Technicolor The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T. All are wearing official 'T' shirts and beanies."

Fans of the Three Stooges have expressed interest in learning more about Norma Randall. Little is known of her today, apart from the fact that she worked in the movies in 1953 and 1954.

Norma Randall:


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STRAUSS WALTZES - Christine McIntyre Panoram Film

Christine McIntyre sang THE VOICE OF SPRING in the Three Stooges comedy MICRO PHONIES.


 But before she sang it in MICRO PHONIES, she'd sung it in a 16 mm musical film.

This early musical film was originally played in a sort of motion picture jukebox called a panoram, but was also sold on the home market.


This particular example turned up on ebay, with the following description:

If you collect vintage Three Stooges memorabilia, here's something that you'll want in your collection.  It's a 16mm sound film from the mid 1940s titled "Christine McIntyre in Strauss Waltzes."  McIntyre sings four songs in this film: "Vienna Woods," "Life in Vienna," "The Blue Danube," and -- the one every Three Stooges fan is familiar with -- "The Voice of Spring" (the song that she sings in the 1945 Three Stooges short "Microphonies").  Evidently this movie was filmed in 1939 as a kind of sing along presentation; the box even reads "Musical Adaptable for Community Singing."  In 1939, though, McIntyre was unknown and received no billing.  By the mid 1940s, McIntyre was becoming known in Hollywood and the film was reissued with her name receiving top billing on the box.  This movie was released by "The New Official Films" and it is Product No. 861.  It runs about nine minutes in length and it is probably in black and white.

 I don't have a copy of this film, but here are some screen captures.




I think Christine McIntyre is on the left in the last couple of pictures.

An ad for this film that I scanned from POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY, February 1949.

Christine Mcintyre site:

Hear Christine McIntyre sing at this site:


Official films:


Christine McIntyre Photos

Some more pictures of Christine McIntyre.

A publicity picture with the Three Stooges for BRIDELESS GROOM, 1947.

                                                                       "You wolf!"


 With Shemp Howard in one of his solo films at Columbia.

 With Shemp Hoard at Columbia.





Let's give the little lady a great big hand!