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This Is Where I Came In

Blogger is going to get rid of the blogs, so it looks like this one is going to go with the rest.  I've downloaded the contents of the blog, so the contents will not be lost with the end of the blog, and I will be able to use them again.

From what I remember, I first came across Thelma Todd while watching Laurel and Hardy movies on television.  I watched those movies for the pretty girls that were in them. So it seems appropriate to end this blog with pictures of Laurel and Hardy with pretty girls, one of whom is Thelma Todd.


Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Laurel And Hardy Meet Blanchette

Gare St. Lazare, Paris
June, 17th 1950


Laurel And Hardy Meet Consuelo

Laurel and Hardy with Eleanor Verdugo at Fort Laurel in 1943. Eleanor played a character named "Consuelo" on MARCUS WELBY MD. It seems like a good name for her to me.


Stan Laurel And Mary Scott

Mary Scott was one of the Jitterbugs from the movie of the same name. Pay no attention to those who would say this movie had nothing to offer. It had her.



From Lantern Media, date is given as January - July 1930.


Pat DiCicco Left $1.00

Mae ( here spelled May ) Whitehead and Pat DeCicco ( spelled DiCicco ) in a newspaper photo under a heading that he was left $1.00 in Thelma Todd's will.


Mabel Todd

Mabel Todd again, with Ted Healy, in HOLLYWOOD HOTEL.


Sunday, March 24, 2019

Ann MacMahon

 In 1925 Thelma and her friend, Ann MacMahon, were chosen to enter the Hood Practice School to get practical experience in teaching.

A letter from Thelma Todd to Ann MacMahon, written on a Sidewalk Café menu.

An autographed picture signed "To Mac."

Lawrence site for Thelma Todd site mentions Ann MacMahon:



Magazine articles for Thelma Todd.

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New York Times (USA)26 December 1935, pg. 30:5, "Reports Miss Todd Bruised on Throat; Prosecutor Will Question Surgeons but Says Any Marks Might Have Come Naturally; Hints Witnesses Erred; He Asserts Blonde Driving in Auto with Man Might Have been Mistaken for Actress"
New York Times (USA)25 December 1935, pg. 44:5, "ZaSu Pitts Called by Todd Case Jury; Inquiry Turns to Report of a Luncheon Party Day Before Mysterious Death; Strange Escort Hinted; But Such a Gathering Is Denied--Head Waiter Says He Has Received New Threats"
New York Times (USA)24 December 1935, pg. 34:2, "Miss Todd Linked to a 'Strange Man'; Store Owner Tells Grand Jury of Actress Phoning and Then Leaving Place with Escort; Quick Gas Action Shown; Detective Says Garage Tests Indicated Monoxide Had Fatal Effect in Two Minutes"
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New York Times (USA)22 December 1935, pg. 16:2, "Todd 'Death Walk' Traced for Clue; Woman Operative Climbs 270 Steps from Actress's Sidewalk Cafe to Garage; Slipper Marks Compared; Footwear More Scuffed Than the Dead Woman's--De Cicco Is Expected on Coast Friday"
New York Times (USA)21 December 1935, pg. 34:2, "Todd Study Turns to Suicide Theory; Prosecutor Declares Evidence Indicates Actress Became Despondent at Party; Waiter [Alex Hounie] Receives 'Threat'; Four More Say They Saw Film Player Late Sunday, but Official Discounts It"
New York Times (USA)20 December 1935, pg. 11:1, "Push Two Inquiries in the Todd Death; Police to Question West and Two Cafe Aides on Events of Sunday Morning; Waiter Reports Threat; Jury Foreman Hints Data on Murder--Thousands Pass Actress;s Bier"
New York Times (USA)19 December 1935, pg. 8:1, "Todd Death Sent to Grand Jurors; Inquest Verdict Leans to View of Accident but Asks for Further Inquiry; Actress Seen on Sunday; Estranged Wife [Jewel Carmen] of [Roland] West Says Star Was with a Man on Day After Supposed Demise"
New York Times (USA)18 December 1935, pg. 29:5, "Death Night Fears of Miss Todd Told; Chauffeur [Ernest O. Peters] Says She Had Him Drive at Breakneck Speed on Way from Party; Wanted to Avoid Gangs' Police Assert that She Had Tiff with Roland West, Her Partner in Cafe"
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Magazine cover photo
BZ - Berlin (Germany)1935
Illustrierter Film_Kurier-Wien (Austria)1933, Vol. 3, Iss. 699


Saturday, March 23, 2019

Winnie Shaw Clipping

From The Vitaphone Project on facebook.

Magazine cut-out, probably from Film Fun, with a good joke from "What, No Men?". 1934/35.


Thelma Todd - INSIDE DETECTIVE July 1954

The late Rudy Schafer was the son of the manager of Thelma Todd's Sidewalk Café, and he dealt in antiquities. He sent me this article from INSIDE DETECTIVE some years ago.


Thursday, March 21, 2019

Bathing Beauties MOVIE CLASSIC May-Aug 1935

Some photos of bathing beauties, including Iris Adrian, Toby Wing, and Ann Sheridan, from MOVIE CLASSIC May-Aug 1935


"The Thelma Todd Death Riddle" -SCREEN BOOK August 1937


SCREEN BOOK for August 1937 had this article on the death of Thelma Todd.

This isn't a very good scan, but at least you can see the pictures.


Monday, March 18, 2019

Newspaper Article

The old superstition that death comes in threes is invoked once more.

Sunday Times (Perth, WA  1902 - 1954), Sunday 3 May 1936


Newspaper Aricles

Some newspaper aricles.


Sunday, March 17, 2019

My Beauty Hints

Beauty hints from Thelma Todd. With a photo of Thelma Todd and her maid, Mae Whitehead.

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It shows that their owner is the least bit careful and ambitious. I use a good cold cream on my hands and arms, rubbing It well into my elbows several times a week. The elbows are where the first signs of age creep in.

And it helpful to use ordinary grapefruit. Slice the fruit in half and submerge each elbow in it, until the fruit juice has thoroughly saturated the skin. This takes from fifteen to twenty minutes. Then wash and dry  the skin, and follow with a good cream. I use a heavy hand cream on my hands once a day. These should be used daily. After all, It is constant care that shows results whether this
be in the care of the skin, hair, hands, or figure. Spasmodic treatments do more harm than good, since these weaken the tissues without affording any lasting help.

Walking Good Exercise.

Now a few words regarding the care of the figure. I find that dancing tends to keep my figure trim. I do a lot of dancing and I can recommend both dancing and walking to those wishing to keep their young figures.

I hope these few suggestions have helped though I haven't any startling hints to offer I- do wish to add in closing that beauty often rests on being well-groomed. I always try to keep myself as well-groomed and chic as I possibly can. My advice to all seekers after beauty Is make the most of what you have. 


Bathing Beauties Meet The Mermaid

Bathing Beauties catch mermaid on California Beach, 1933.


Saturday, March 16, 2019

Mabel Todd Or Thelma Todd?

I think someone had Mabel Todd confused with Thelma Todd here, Mabel Todd didn't make two reel comedies.

Mabel Todd:


Friday, March 15, 2019

Lawrence, Massachusetts In The Old Days

A few pictures from old Lawrence.

                                                                  Empire Theater

 Which later became the Warner Theater.

Labor Day Parade At The Hampton Beach, 1915.

NRA Parade in Lawrence, 1933.


Special thanks to Minga Valley page on facebook and Michael Williams for their aid in providing some of the pictures on this blog.