Wednesday, January 31, 2018

THE CRASH Lobby Cards

story in THE CRASH involved a train wreck, which is why a train is featured on the lobby cards.



An ad for THE CRASH which emphasizes Thelma Todd.



Thelma Todd and Milton Sills pose in a boat in a publicity picture for THE CRASH.


Monday, January 29, 2018


SITTING PRETTY was a 1933 Paramount production.

Seller's description:
"A stunning 8 x 10 inch b/w photo from 1933 of the cast and crew of the the Ginger Rogers production "Sitting Pretty. The photo is dated Oct -20 1933 and titled. 

Ginger Rogers is sitting front and center wearing feathers. I believe that doomed starlet Thelma Todd is standing behind her wearing fur. Also on the front row are actors Jack Haley and Jack Oakie and child star Jerry Tucker. The director of the movie was Harry Joe Brown.

Identification was done to the best of my abilities as there is no information on the back other than the title and date. I cannot guarantee these identifications so judge for yourself. The gentleman n the back rows are presumably crew members. Roy Roberts, lighting director, is in the back row wearing a cap and partially obscured.

Note: The white diagonal line across the image is NOT on the actual photo but meant to restrict copying of the image, Photo is in very good condition with handling creases but surface and margins are intact.
The photo comes from the collection/estate of Roy Roberts who was a lighting director for Paramount from he late 20s on. He worked with some of the greatest names of that time and I am listing a series of photographs of the cast and crew for several of the films he worked on. I believe Roy is shown n the photo wearing a cap."

That's not Thelma Todd. She didn't have a very large part in SITTING PRETTY and it's likely that she wasn't even there when this picture was taken. She was probably somewhere else, working on a different movie.


Sunday, January 28, 2018

Patsy Kelly Photos

Patsy Kelly

                         SING, BABY, SING with Ted Healy.

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With series star Cara Williams in a 1962 episode of the CBS situation comedy Pete and Gladys titled The Case of the Gossipy Maid

The old Thelma Todd and Patsy Kelly series moves to features, with Pert Kelton and Charley Chase.


Thelma Todd And Patsy Kelly Photos

From Jorge Finkielman

                                                                   AIR FRIGHT





Friday, January 26, 2018

Thelma Todd And Minna Gombell

Thelma Todd and Minna Gombell in a candid photo at Laguna beach.


Thelma Todd And Patsy Kelly Photo

A behind the scenes photo of Thelma Todd and Patsy Kelly dressed as stewardesses for AIR FRIGHT.


Autographed Thelma Todd And Zasu Pitts Photo

An autographed Thelma Todd and Zasu Pitts photo. Here we see Thelma Todd's name signed with two "T"'s, she frequently used only one big letter T for both first and last names. I suspect that this one was actually signed by someone else for the studio, which was a common practice at the time.


Thelma Todd And Zasu Pitts Photo

Thelma Todd and Zasu Pitts in a publicity photo for ON THE LOOSE ( 1931 ). The story in this one is that the only place their dates ever seem to take them to is Coney Island.


Thelma Todd Photo

From an old trade magazine; posted by James Neibaur on facebook.


Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Dorothy Appleby And Charlie Chase Photo

A frame enlargement from YOU SAID A HATFUL.

Another picture.


Thelma Todd Photo

I recognize the costume from one of the Charlie Chase films.
Some watermark markings remain.


Thelma Todd And Charlie Chase

Publicity photo for THE NICKEL NURSER ( 1932 )

Charlie Chase is wearing a suit of armor; suits of armor seem to have been a recurring thing in his films.


Charlie Chase nd Thelma Todd Photo

1929 photo by Stax

Thelma Todds name is stamped on the back in a larger size.


Charlie Chase Talkies DVD Set

The Charlie Chase Talkies DVD set is now available.

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Here it is Gang, and this is the actual Amazon page you order it from, ignore any and all others: ... he+talkies

For Immediate Release


Volume One Contains 18 Rare Talking Comedy Shorts From The Golden Age of Hollywood

(Phoenix, AZ) The Sprocket Vault announces its latest DVD release: CHARLEY CHASE AT HAL ROACH: THE TALKIES VOLUME ONE: 1930-31, the first in a series and available exclusively on Amazon. These 18 comedy shorts on a 2-DVD set showcases this great but somewhat neglected comedian during some of his prime film days.

From 1924-1936, Charley Chase made hilarious short comedies for the Hal Roach Studios. He was one of their most popular comedy stars in both the silent and sound eras. His talkie shorts for Hal Roach have never been collected into a comprehensive collection before, and now THE SPROCKET VAULT brings them to the public in a planned multi-volume collection designed to reacquaint comedy fans to his wonderful short films.

Charley Chase was considered the leading man of comedians, a handsome, talented performer with strong comedy credentials on both sides of the camera. He became Hal Roach's number two star in terms of box office, second only to Laurel and Hardy during his stay at Roach. Chase utilized a style that incorporated classic visual comedy blended with more situational and screwball elements, his sound comedies also highlight his musical abilities. Chase was an accomplished singer and dancer as well.

The films in this 1930-31 collection are also complimented by the presence of Charley Chase's then-frequent leading lady, the lovely and vivacious Thelma Todd. She was a beautiful and statuesque blonde with great timing and comedy talent, whose work with Charley Chase and other comedians propelled her to stardom in her own Hal Roach comedy series. Her career as a lead comedienne was tragically cut short by her early death in 1935 at the age of 29.

The Sprocket Vault's new Charley Chase collection utilizes original Hal Roach Studio print materials for its digital masters, and each short on this collection is accompanied by a commentary track from noted film historian and Hal Roach authority Richard M. Roberts, who shines new light on the "Lot of Fun" and the people involved in making these classic comedies in an informative, clever, and entertaining manner.

CHARLEY CHASE AT HAL ROACH: THE TALKIES VOLUME ONE: 1930-31 contains -The Shorts - 1930: The Real McCoy, Whispering Whoopee, All Teed Up, Fifty Million Husbands, Fast Work, Girl Shock, Dollar Dizzy, Looser Than Loose, High C's

The Shorts - 1931: Thundering Tenors, The Pip from Pittsburg, Rough Seas, One of the Smiths, The Panic Is On, Skip the Maloo! What a Bozo! The Hasty Marriage

Extra: La Senorita De Chicago (1931) (Spanish-language version of THE PIP FROM PITTSBURG)


Retail: $34.99

Amazon Price: $24.93

Language: English

Running Time: 413 minutes

Color: Black & White

Year: 1930 & 31

Rating: Not Rated

Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 - 4X3

Available Now!

The Sprocket Vault DVDs are sold exclusively through Amazon.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Comedians In The Comics

The comedians themselves actually appeared in some of the superman comic books as fictional characters.

Wheeler and Woolsey were popular comedians in the 1930's. Thelma Todd made two movies with them, COCKEYED CAVALIERS and HIPS, HIPS, HOORAY.

Wheeler and Woolsey were used as characters in some early Superman stories by Siegel and Schuster. 

Cover of ACTION COMICS #83 - first appearance of Hocus and Pocus.

ACTION COMICS #1 introduced Superman, and fictional Wheeler and Woolsey characters appeared in later Superman stories. But Wheeler and Woolsey themselves also appeared on this page in ACTION COMICS #1.

Jimmy Finlayson frequently worked with Laurel and Hardy, and he appeared in some Laurel and Hardy movies with Thelma Todd, such as THE DEVIL'S BROTHER and ANOTHER FINE MESS.

Artist Jack Kirby used a Jimmy Finlayson character in JIMMY OLSEN #144.

I think that after Lyle Talbot played Luthor in ATOM MAN VS. SUPERMAN, they tried to make the character like him. The "Empty Doom" of the serial seems to have been the inspiration of "The Phantom Zone" in the comics, but I don't know if they ever said that officially.

Wheeler and Woolsey characters in Superman stories:

Jimmy Finlayson character in JIMMY OLSEN #144:


Monday, January 22, 2018

Superman And Thelma Todd

The character of "Lois Lane" was named for Lola Lane, one of the Lane sisters, who married Roland West and inherited the Sidewalk Café from him. But there are more connections between Thelma Todd and Superman than that.

Prior to having played "Luthor" in ATOM MAN VS. SUPERMAN ( 1950 ),

Lyle Talbot appeared in the movie KLONDIKE (1932 ) with Thelma Todd.

After playing "Butch" in Our Gang comedies, Tommy Bond played "Jimmy Olsen" in two Superman serials, SUPERMAN ( 1948 ) and ATOM MAN VS. SUPERMAN ( 1950 ).

Tommy Bond ( left ) with Noel Neill and Kirk Alyn, who played "Lois Lane" and "Clark Kent".

Tommy Bond had been in BEAUTY AND THE BUS ( 1933 ) with Thelma Todd and Patsy Kelly,

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so someone who had worked with Thelma Todd at the Hal Roach studio was also in some Superman movies.

When the production Superman adventures moved to television, many episodes were filmed at the Hal Roach studio along with a number of other series, including THE LONE RANGER. 

Sterling Holloway, who had been in ONE TRACK MINDS with Thelma Todd and Zasu Pitts, was on several episodes of THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN.

Joi Lansing, who Hal Roach had previously compared to Jean Harlow and Thelma Todd, was "Sgt. O'Hara" on THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN. Some people say that there were plans to bring her back the next season, which was never made because of the death of George Reeves.

The associations of George Reeves and Noel Neill with Hal Roach studio go back further than the series. During World War II, George Reeves made training films for the Army at the Hal Roach studio. And in 1943, Noel Neill made PRARIE CHICKENS for Roach. 

Third girl from the right on the haywagon is Noel Neill, who is best known for playing "Lois Lane" on television.
Before she was in THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN on television,Noel Neill appeared in an early episode of THE LONE RANGER with Clayton Moore. That might have been filmed at the Hal Roach studio, too.

Lola Lane and Lois Lane:

Noel Neill at the Hal Roach studio:

George Reeves at the Hal Roach Studio during WW II:




Tommy Bond as Jimmy Olsen: