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Dorothy Granger

Dorothy Granger was one of  Thelma Todd's friends and costars at the Roach studio.

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Dorothy Granger

Dorothy Karolyn Granger
November 21, 1912(1912-11-21)
New London, Ohio U.S.
DiedJanuary 4, 1995(1995-01-04) (aged 82)
Los Angeles, California U.S.
Years active1929-1961
SpouseJohn Hilder (? - ?)
Dorothy Granger (November 21, 1912—January 4, 1995) was an American actress best known for her roles in short subject comedies in Hollywood.


There is some confusion as to the year of Granger's birth. The Social Security Death Index lists it as 1911 as does her death certificate; most biographies say 1912, although at least one site lists the year as 1914. Nineteen twelve is the most likely. Granger, with her parents, two brothers, Richard and James, and their grandmother, Clara (Wilcox) Granger, moved to Los Angeles during the late 1920s.
Granger got her start in the entertainment industry when she won a beauty contest at the age of 13 at Silver Beach Summer Resort near Houston. Her budding figure and confident stage presence were perfect for studios that made comedy shorts. In 1930 her father took her to producer Hal Roach, who was then testing talent for his upcoming comedy series, The Boy Friends. Granger’s natural comedy timing got her the job immediately and she was placed under contract to Hal Roach Studios. She became a charter member of the two-reel-comedy community, appearing opposite many major comedians at Roach, Mack Sennett, Educational Pictures, Columbia Pictures, and RKO Radio Pictures. Among her famous credits are Hog Wild with Laurel & Hardy, The Dentist with W.C. Fields, Punch Drunks and Termites of 1938 with The Three Stooges. Granger also appeared with Andy Clyde, Charley Chase, Edgar Kennedy, Harry Langdon, Gus Schilling & Richard Lane, and Joe DeRita, as well as on live television with Abbott & Costello. Granger is best remembered as the sarcastic, suspicious wife in Leon Errol’s series of two-reelers for RKO.
Granger also appeared in occasional feature films, including North to the Klondike, Sunset in El Dorado, and Dick Tracy vs. Cueball.

Later years

Granger worked on a variety of television shows through the 1950s, including The Abbott and Costello Show, I Married Joan, Father Knows Best, Topper, Lassie, Death Valley Days and Wells Fargo. Her last television performance was a live show on Face The Facts in 1961. Granger left show business in 1963, calling it an “ulcer factory.”
Granger made her last public appearance in 1993 for the Screen Actors Guild’s 60th anniversary celebration. She was an honored guest at the celebration because she was one of SAG’s first members. In later years she helped her husband run an upholstery shop in Los Angeles.

Granger (center) with Moe Howard (left) and Curly Howard (right) in a lobby card for 1934's Punch Drunks


Granger died of cancer on January 4, 1995 in Los Angeles, California.

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When Dorothy Granger was interviewed by Leonard Maltin, she had this to say about Thelma Todd:  "She had a terriffic sense of humor, she always laughing, always breaking up. The only time I did get the giggles, I was doing a picture with Charley Chase called LOOSER THAN LOOSE with Dell Henderson, Thelma, and myself. Something tickled Thelma and me; we started laughing and we couldn't stop. She and Zasu used to look at each other and start to laugh. They'd have to do fifteen, twenty takes."

Thelma Todd and Dorothy Granger

Dorothy Granger and Charley Chase


Dorothy Granger as jungle girl "Tarkana" in  THROUGH THIN AND THICKET, OR WHO'S ZOO IN AFRICA

Dorothy Granger gives the Tarkana call!

How to get through thin and thicket, or perhaps other places.



Actress (256 titles)
Woman in Grape Hat (uncredited)
1957Death Valley Days (TV series)
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Soundtrack (3 titles)
1945Under Western Skies(performer: "All You Kids")
1939Blue Montana Skies(performer: "The Old Geezer" 1939 - uncredited)
1932The Fighting Fool(performer: "Under the Western Skies")
Self (2 titles)
1974Omnibus (TV series documentary)
1952The Colgate Comedy Hour (TV series)
Herself - Actress
Episode #3.13(1952)… Herself - Actress
Archive Footage (7 titles)
1966R.C.M.P. and the Treasure of Genghis Khan (TV movie)
Skagway Kate
1955One Spooky Night (short)
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1951Footlight Varieties
Vivian Errol (segment "He Forgot To Remember")
1949Make Mine Laughs
Edited from Beware of Redheads (1945)
1949Down Memory Lane
Dental patient
1948Variety Time
Dorothy Errol (footage from 'Hired Husband')

1945Under Western Skies(performer: "All You Kids")
1939Blue Montana Skies(performer: "The Old Geezer" 1939 - uncredited)
1932The Fighting Fool(performer: "Under the Western Skies")
1974Omnibus (TV series documentary)
1952The Colgate Comedy Hour (TV series)
Herself - Actress
Episode #3.13(1952)… Herself - Actress
1966R.C.M.P. and the Treasure of Genghis Khan (TV movie)
Skagway Kate
1955One Spooky Night (short)
1953Merry Mirthquakes
Mrs. Errol (segment "Lord Epping Returns")
1951Footlight Varieties
Vivian Errol (segment "He Forgot To Remember")
1949Make Mine Laughs
Edited from Beware of Redheads (1945)
1949Down Memory Lane
Dental patient
1948Variety Time
Dorothy Errol (footage from 'Hired Husband')


Alternate Names:

Dorothy Grainger


5' 4" (1.63 m)

Did You Know?


She won a beauty contest in Texas at age 13.
She played the wife of Leon Errol in a long-running two-reeler series for RKO.
Her last public appearance was in 1993 when the Screen Actors Guild honored its character members who had been issued SAG cards when SAG was founded sixty years earlier.
Once considered for the role of Belle Watling in "Gone With the Wind" by then-director George Cukor, but Cukor was replaced and the part went to actress Ona Munson


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Dawn Star

Thelma Todd at the dawn of her career. Her film career began in the New York area. Afterwards she would go to Hollywood.


These were the "Fascinating Youth" introduced in the feature of that name. Of the young hopefuls, Buddy Roger achieved the greatest fame in the movies. Thelma Todd was the next most successful and the others trailed somewhere behind them..

Caption from the back of the photo above.


Paramount still had a studio in New York at the time. Some Broadway stars tried making films there.


An early glamour shot.

Thelma Todd having her hair done at Paramount's acting school.

Thelma Todd's hair.

They had faces then-

And frequently hats, as well.
And they had fun,
so the studio publicity told us.

 The studio decided to cut Thelma Todd's hair, which was going along with a fad they had at the time.

One-Girl Band


With Ed Wynn
 Thelma Todd:
Before and after the Hollywood treatment.
Silent Thelma Todd Page: