Saturday, January 28, 2012


New Book For Thelma Todd

THE LIFE AND DEATH OF THELMA TODD by William Donati is a new book from a respected author. I'm mentioned in the acknowledgements as having provided information that Rudy Schafer sent me, his
father used to be the manager of Thelma Todd's Sidewalk Cafe. It's too bad he
didn't live to see this book come out, he would have liked it.

Donati says that the historical record shows that Luciano didn't go out to the
Los Angeles area as some other accounts have said. The story that he goes by is
that the death of Thelma Todd must have been an accident. I wouldn't know for
sure myself, as I've said before when there was an argument on this
subject, I'm not an expert and am not really qualified to decide the issue.
Since it has never really been settled for certain, we don't really know. But I
am certain that this new book will be of interest to the fans. - the living
Thelma fan

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