Thursday, July 21, 2016

Feb. 23, 1934 St. Lewis Globe Democrat Gravure Section

The Gravure Section took it's name from the name of the process by which it was printed. These sections frequently featured pictures of movie stars. This one has Thelma Todd in it as well as Carole Lombard, Helen Mack, and Shirley Temple.

Carole Lombard ( right ) was popular at the time, which was why her picture was printed at a large size.

Thelma Todd's picture is near Carole Lombard's, but on the next page. Shirley Temple's picture is directly below Thelma Todd's.

Another view of the same page.

FOX FOLLIES is what STAND UP AND CHEER was being called during production. The picture was a smash hit and Shirley Temple became the biggest star in the movies.

Helen Mack's picture is at top right. During this period she starred in SON OF KONG, the sequel to KING KONG.


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