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Bibliography ( Revised )

Books about Thelma Todd. This list includes books that may deal with her only in part, but does not include books that have not yet been published.

Anger, Kenneth                              HOLLYWOOD  BABYLON

Austin, John                                    HOLLYWOOD'S UNSOLVED MYSTERIES ( 1970 )
-----------------                                 HOLLYWOOD'S UNSOLVED MYSTERIES ( 1990 )
-----------------                                 MORE OF HOLLYWOOD'S UNSOLVED MYSTERIES

Carr, William                                  HOLLYWOOD TRAGEDY

Donati, William                              THE LIFE AND DEATH OF THEMA TODD
-------------------                             LUCKY LUCIANO
-------------------                             IDA LUPINO

Edmonds, Andy                               HOT TODDY

Guiles, Fred Lawrence                       STAN: THE LIFE OF STAN LAUREL

Hammond, G. D.                              THELMA TODD IN THE 30's

Heiman, Jim                                      OUT WITH THE STARS

Jacobson, Laurie                               HOLLYWOOD HEARTBREAK
----------------------                              DISHING HOLLYWOOD

Jenning, Patrick and Croddy, Marshall    TESTIMONY OF A DEATH: MYSTERY, MEDIA, AND MYTH IN 1935 LOS ANGELES

McCabe, John                                  MR. LAUREL AND MR. HARDY
--------------------                              LAUREL AND HARDY

Maltin, Leonard                                  MOVIE COMEDY TEAMS
-------------------                                THE GREAT MOVIE SHORT SUBJECTS

Munn, Michael                                 THE HOLLYWOOD MURDER CASEBOOK

Morgan, Michelle                             THE ICE CREAM BLONDE

Neutzel, Charles                              WHODUNIT? HOLLYWOOD STYLE

Neibaur, James.                                 THE HAL ROACH COMEDY SHORTS OF  THELMA                                                                        TODD, ZASU PITTS, AND PATSY  KELLY

Parish, James Robert                     THE FUNSTERS
---------------------------                    THE HOLLYWOOD BOOK OF SCANDALS

Skretvedt, Randy                              LAUREL AND HARDY

Vanderbuilt, Gloria                           BLACK KNIGHT, WHITE KNIGHT

Ward, Richard Lewis                           A HISTORY OF THE HAL ROACH STUDIO

Wolfe, Donald H                                   THE BLACK DAHLIA FILES

Wolf, Marvin and Katherine Mader   FALLEN ANGELS

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