Thursday, May 17, 2018

Hal Roach Studios 20th Anniversary Party

There was a radio broadcast of the 20th Century Anniversary party for Hal Roach.  This item  about the program appeared in VARIETY on Dec. 12, 1933.

                                                 PHOTOS FROM THE CELEBRATION

The boss with Laurel and Hardy.

Stan Laurel, Mrs. Hal Roach, Oliver Hardy, and Thelma Todd.
Mrs. Roach, Oliver Hardy, Thelma Todd. There was a newspaper article that made a reference to Thelma Todd making faces at Stax ( photographer at the Hal Roach studio ) when he was taking pictures of her. Randy Skretvedt said, "Roy Seawright described Stax to me as a very sweet, very dedicated man who exemplified Southern manners (he was from Kentucky) but had no sense of humor at all, which of course made him the target of practical jokes from the high-spirited denizens of the Roach lot."

Oliver Hardy, Thelma Todd, Hal Roach, Patsy Kelly's left eye, Stan Laurel.

Oliver Hardy, Thelma Todd, Hal Roach, and Stan Laurel.

Oliver Hardy, Mrs. Hal Roach, Will Rogers, Stan Laurel.

At left, Oliver and Myrtle Hardy, Wallace MacDonald and in the background Jesse Lasky. At right coming toward us, Ruby and James Parrott, and Mr. and Mrs. Kent Taylor.

Oliver Hardy, Mrs. Marguerite Roach, Will Rogers, Stan Laurel.

Mrs. Hal Roach, Theda Bara, Hal Roach, Charles Brabin at 20th anniversary of Roach as producer.

Louis B Mayer and Jean Harlow at the Hal Roach 20th Anniversary party December 8, 1933.


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