Sunday, March 17, 2019

My Beauty Hints

Beauty hints from Thelma Todd. With a photo of Thelma Todd and her maid, Mae Whitehead.

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It shows that their owner is the least bit careful and ambitious. I use a good cold cream on my hands and arms, rubbing It well into my elbows several times a week. The elbows are where the first signs of age creep in.

And it helpful to use ordinary grapefruit. Slice the fruit in half and submerge each elbow in it, until the fruit juice has thoroughly saturated the skin. This takes from fifteen to twenty minutes. Then wash and dry  the skin, and follow with a good cream. I use a heavy hand cream on my hands once a day. These should be used daily. After all, It is constant care that shows results whether this
be in the care of the skin, hair, hands, or figure. Spasmodic treatments do more harm than good, since these weaken the tissues without affording any lasting help.

Walking Good Exercise.

Now a few words regarding the care of the figure. I find that dancing tends to keep my figure trim. I do a lot of dancing and I can recommend both dancing and walking to those wishing to keep their young figures.

I hope these few suggestions have helped though I haven't any startling hints to offer I- do wish to add in closing that beauty often rests on being well-groomed. I always try to keep myself as well-groomed and chic as I possibly can. My advice to all seekers after beauty Is make the most of what you have. 


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