Tuesday, May 14, 2019

POLICE GAZETTE With Thelma Todd Cover


Sally Blane and Thelma Todd on the cover of POLICE GAZETTE, December 10, 1927 issue.

Sally Blane was in the movies, but was better known for being the sister of Loretta Young.

Mercedes Gleitze was a channel swimmer whose accomplishment was questioned afterward. She said she'd do it again, then failed to make it all the way across and had to be pulled out of the water into a boat.

Clara Bow was a top star, but she wasn't usually described as a "vampire', a term which had been associated with Theda Bara. The reference to "leap year" is due to a story that in leap year women propose to men rather than having it the usual way.

Ruth Elder ( top right ) made some movies when she wasn't attempting to set new records in an airplane.

Sally Blane:

Clara Bow:

Ruth Elder:

Mercedes Gleitze:


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