Thursday, September 26, 2019

The Unfunny Death Of Lupe Velez

When I wrote about mistakes in Kenneth Anger's HOLLYWOOD BABYLON, I didn't write very much about Lupe Velez, because I didn't know very much about her. Actually she was associated with Clayton Moore, and since I met him* I could have asked him about her, but I hadn't known that. That was also before I knew about HOLLYWOOD BABYLON.

That book had a picture of Lupe Velez with Clayton Moore.

It also had a story that Lupe Velez drowned in a toilet.

There are a number of problems with this story, which have been pointed out before. The death certificate for Lupe Velez lists Seconal poisoning as the cause of death, not drowning. It is doubtful that Velez could even have moved from her bed to the bathroom while under the influence of such a large dose of Seconal, a drug noted for being fast-acting. To accept this story it would be necessary to disregard everything that was said by the authorities at the time.

 Actually the only thing it has going for it is that some people like the idea of drowning in a toilet. It's something that they put in dirty comics, such as WATCHMEN. I'm aware that the situation exists, but I'm not saying it's good. I also don't think that the death of Lupe Velez is, or was, in any way humorous.

*I was on television with Clayton Moore when he appeared at Riley Hospital in Indianapolis.

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