Wednesday, October 21, 2020

End Of Yahoo Groups


Yahoo says they are getting rid of their groups. Actually they already got rid of everything in the groups ( photos, past messages, etc. ) in 2019, but now they are getting rid of the groups themselves.

I haven't been using the are groups since they got rid of everything. I have copies of some of it, but a lot of it is gone as far as I know. I was not given lot of time to prepare and could only save so much.

The Thelma Todd Club on Yahoo began when I started it in 1999. Another moderator, Jamie Evangelista, provided the group's home page picture, which I now use for this blog.

This group is mentioned in some books about Thelma Todd, the authors of those books having become members. We were also able to communicate with a few other authors who had written about Thelma Todd in other books. When we had a petition to get TCM to run Thelma Todd movies* a number of them signed it. Which could be the only time they all worked together on one project.

*Another group, "Thelma Todd Fans", had another petition to TCM after that, and TCM did have a day of Thelma Todd movies .

Thelma Todd Day on TCM:


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