Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Birthday Of Joe Besser

OUTER SPACE JITTERS had the Three Stooges flying a spaceship to Venus. Here is a picture from this film with three girls who were in it.

From the Joe Besser Fan Club on facebook:

Are they toasting Joe on his birthday? I hope so... He was born this day in the morning on August 12th 1907. The picture below is from the short Outer Space Jitters and was filmed July 26th -26th 1956 and released in December of that following year. I spoke with both Diane Darrin and Arline Hunter seem in the picture below and they both told me Joe always joking around. The also told me the food in the scene was some type of cracker. Sorry no cake Joe..., Anyway Happy Birthday!!. As of today our Joe Besser fan club her has 1372 members and growing!


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