Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Scrapbook Pictures

A collection of pictures of Thelma Todd that Dusty Sage found in a scrapbook someone had made, from a post she made in the Thelma Todd group on facebook.

An early publicity photo shows Thelma with long hair. The studios cut her hair as was the fashion at the time.

Harry Langdon was a silent star who made talkies for Hal Roach in a comeback which ultimately proved to be unsuccessful. The bear in this picture was photographed with a number of movie actresses in this period.

The tires on the old cars weren't as good as what is available today, and punctures could be a problem.
Joe Breen ( bottom ) oversaw the enforcement of the production code. In other words, he was a censor.

Thelma Todd collected expensive perfume, which was stolen after this picture was published.

The husband of Thelma Todd ( mentioned on the right ) was Pat DiCicco. They made her diet regardless.

Thelma Todd did like flowers.


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