Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Buster Keaton Photos

OH DOCTOR! Fatty Arbuckle and Buster Keaton as Keystone Kops. Not made at Keystone.

Buster Keaton and Anita Page.

Buster Keaton and friends in SPEAK EASILY

Buster Keaton with Dorothy Appleby and Elsie Ames in THE TAMING OF THE SNOOD ( 1940 ). They were two of the actresses he made the most movies with in the sound era.

Jess Barker, Ginny Simms, Red Skelton, Edna Skelton, and Buster Keaton during the cake cutting ceremony on St. Patrick's Day at the Hollywood Canteen.

Buster Keaton with Audrey Totter. 1949.

Rhonda Fleming meets the subject of The Buster Keaton Story (1957).

Buster Keaton and Ann Blyth in a publicity photo for THE BUSTER KEATON STORY.

Buster Keaton and Bobbi Shaw in THE PAJAMA PARTY ( 1964 ). Bobbi Shaw was one of the actresses who worked with Buster Keaton most often during the sound era.


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