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THE COWBOY AND THE LADY featured another Todd and Kelly team.

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Narniagirl 4ever:
How times change and public opinion changes about honesty in relationships. I know it must have seemed 'funny' at the time, to audiences back then, as Merle deceived Gary about her background, but I cringed watching it. I'm thankful that now there is at least the opportunity, if one chooses, to work on transparency in a romantic relationship and having the characteristic of congruence illuminate the relationship. All that being said, you could tell Fuzzy Knight, Walter Brennan, Patsy Kelly and Mabel Todd were having a great time in this movie.

Bob Saturday:
Cooper needed a punch to the mouth as he spewed garbage about lookin down noses as the character looked down his nose at the rich farts lookin down their nose at him.

                                           *                    *                  *
To me, this movie was kind of strange. At one point Gary Cooper was acting strange and a group of men stood around watching him because he was strange, but willingly joined in the strangeness when asked. Only when a mother figure ( Cooper's mother in the story ) comes along is there an objection to the stupidity which brings about a cessation of the stupidity. Earlier in the film there was also a scene where Mabel Todd stood around staring at Merle Oberon because she was acting strange.

I don't suppose that Mabel Todd and Patsy Kelly were really working as a team so much as that there were two funny women as well as two funny men ( Fuzzy Knight and Walter Brennan ) in the movie and all four comedy relief types were termed a team by publicity. The four funny people did not act in as bizarre a fashion as the main two characters in the story, although that could have been partly because less footage was devoted to them in the production. They simply did not have time to act as asinine as the stars in this story.

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