Friday, November 3, 2017

Thelma Todd And Sally Blane On POLICE GAZETTE Cover

THE NATIONAL POLICE GAZETTE Dec. 10, 1927. Thelma Todd and Sally Blane on the cover.

A variety of pictures can be seen on the pages that follow.

Clara Bow ( below at right ) was a star at Paramount. "Vampire" or "Vamp" was a term associated with Theda Bara: here it seems they are using it as a synonym for "glamour girl". Actually it refers to a different type than Clara Bow. Harold Lloyd's GIRL SHY ( 1924 ) had a sequence with "The Vamp" and "The Flapper" as different types in the same story, but the vamp was a type more associated with earlier movies and the flapper was more associated with modern movies at this time. Both terms were still in use in the 1930's, but were considered somewhat archaic by that time.


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