Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Michelle Morgan, author of THE ICE CREAM BLONDE, has written a new book about Carole Lombard. I haven't read it, but I knew about it prior to it's publication, since she mentioned it while we were working on the one on Thelma Todd. Here is a little about the Carole Lombard book.

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Carole Lombard was the very opposite of the typical 1930s starlet—she worked hard, took no prisoners and had a great passion for life. From the outside, her life was one of glamour and fun, yet she endured heartache and despair. As a child, her mother moved Carole and her brothers away from their beloved father. Carole began a film career, only to have it cut short after a devastating car accident. Picking herself back up, she was rocked by the accidental shooting of her lover; a failed marriage to William Powell; and the heartache of infertility during her marriage to Clark Gable. Lombard put on a brave face and marched forward. Sadly her life was cut short in a plane crash so catastrophic that pieces of the plane are still buried in the mountain where it happened, 75 years ago. This is the story of a woman whose remarkable life and controversial death continue to enthrall.


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