Thursday, October 28, 2021

Hollywood And The Occult


The occult is a part of this story.

The aftermath of the first World War saw a rise on interest in the occult as people sought to communicate with lost loved ones. Harry Houdini exposed many fakers who only pretended to be able to communicate with the dead, but attempts to communicate with the dead would continue.

Massachusetts historically has been connected with witchcraft since the days of old Salem.

Many movie people were interested in the occult as they sought assistance to face an uncertain future. Thelma Todd was said to have consulted fortune tellers, astrologers, and numerologists.

 It doesn't seem to have helped.

Bette Davis was also said to be interested in numerology.

A page from SILVER SCREEN, Oct. 1932.

 Both Ida Lupino and her father Stanley were interested in the occult and claimed to be in communication with the spirits of the dead.

This interest in the occult doesn't seem to have helped any of them, although themay have thought that it did. Things like hard work had more to do with that than the unknown. 

Alison Loyd:

Houdin exposed fakers:

Thelma Todd and numerologists:


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