Thursday, April 18, 2019

1937 Convention Film

Paul Mular posted this on facebook:

"Oliver Hardy attending the 1937 MGM Convention for theater circuit owners. Note that off-screen he wore eyeglasses, a detail missed in the current Docu-drama “Stan & Ollie”.
Craig Calman noticed Patsy Kelly walking with Hal Roach just before Ollie.
TRIVIA NOTE: Louis B. Mayer had his crews film everybody arriving & listening to speeches with Metro-Tone news cameras (which record the sound right on the film with the picture). As everyone sat down to eat, the films were rushed to the lab, processes immediately, and returned to MGM for a quick edit and then shown to all attendees after they ate.
Louis thought he would impress everyone with this “instant” film presentation, but it really meant the audience had to sit through Louis’ speech a second time."

Lyda Roberti may be seen walking next to Oliver Hardy. She had replaced Thelma Todd in the series with Patsy Kelly at the Hal Roach studio.


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