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Joan Lyndell And Joan Blondell

Every Doc Savage story had a beautiful girl in it, and Joan Lyndell was one of the girls.
 Joan Lyndell appeared in one Doc Savage adventure, THE MYSTIC MULLAH, which was originally published in DOC SAVAGE magazine in January 1935.

The name "Joan Lyndell" is close enough to Joan Blondell to cause me to think that she was named after her. Joan Blondell was popular in the movies during the period that the Doc Savage stories were originally published.

But while Joan Blondell usually seemed to be seeking wealth in her movies, Joan Lyndell is described as a woman who had already attained wealth, and in that way is different. Since she is described as being tall and having dark hair, she wasn't even supposed to be that similar in appearance. Only the name seems the same, but that is close enough to make it look as if they had done it on purpose.

Joan Lyndell as depicted with Doc Savage in an illustration from he original magazine.

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Doc Savage stories usually had a weird mystery menace as well as a beautiful girl, and this one had such a menace, ghostly green spirit snakes that seemed to defy explanation until Doc got around to explaining them.

The green snakes in this story were borrowed for the 1975 movie DOC SAVAGE: THE MAN OF BRONZE, which featured Ron Ely as Doc Savage.

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Before that move had been made there had been plans to make a Doc Savage movie with Chuck Connors, but they were unable to get the rights to the character and they ended up making a western called RIDE BEYOND VENGEANCE. Also in the cast was Joan Blondell. Because of that, Joan Blondell herself could be seen as being linked to Doc Savage.





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