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CHEATING BLONDES had Thelma Todd in a dual role. You might call it a "double feature".

I haven't seen this movie, but I had some pictures for it, and decided to put out a blog with them.
The version of this movie that is available is missing footage and it sounds as if there aren't any scenes left that show two "Thelmas" together, although it sounds as if there had been such scenes in it originally. It also seems that there isn't anything left to explain one that one sister is taking the place of the other in the story, in order to hide out after a murder. 
But eventually all turns out right, and everyone lives happily ever after.


 Black And White Photo Lobbycard, Same Scene As Above.

This poster looks like some of the fashion art of the era. It is not actually a realistic representation of Thelma Todd.
This lobby card shows a scene that is missing from the version that is available today.
 This would seem to be a scene with both "Blondes" in it.

                                                                 Publicity photo of Thelma Todd.

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PostMon Apr 29, 2013 8:38 am
Caught up with CHEATING BLONDES last night while we had dinner after getting back from Los Angeles, average independent product of the time, nothing particularly hideous about it (unless you haven't seen enough of this kind of product to have a real good opinion about it). Cheap yes, but some of the first words you see are "A Larry Darmour Production", which is all the warning on that score you need. Plot silly, but fun, and a lot of Hal Roach and Comedy connections involved with it, Lewis Foster co-wrote it, and it is worth watching just for the cast: Thelma of course, looking fabulous and making the silly dialogue work, Ralk Harolde, Inez Courtney, Dorothy Gulliver (who looks a bit like Olive Borden here), Earl Mc Carthy (Hairbreadth Harry himself, in his last film before his tragic death at 26), Mae Busch (someone said she looks awful in the film, well, she's playing a battered wife, I think she's supposed to look a bit mussed up, but looks pretty good otherwise, and it's interesting to see her playing the abused spouse for once, where's that fryin' pan she put to Oliver Hardy's head a time or two!), Brooks Benedict, Harry Bernard, Bobby Burns, Billy West, Dorothy Vernon, Eddie Fetherston, Edna Murphy, a solid group of pros make the nonsense worth seeing. Not as fun as KLONDIKE, there's a great cast and a truly whack-job plot (and my favorite selling line for a film: Thelma Todd-----in the Arctic-----in a nightie.), but certainly nothing to pull ones hair and gnash ones teeth about. Definitely worth the 4.99 from Alpha to put it on the shelf.