Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Thelma Todd And The Fan Dance

Sally Rand became famous doing a fan dance at the World's Fair in 1933, but the fan dance was older than that.

 In 1927, Hommel took a series of pictures that depicted Thelma Todd as a fan dancer.


 Thelma Todd's association with the fan dance does not end there.
When Sally Rand made the fan dance famous in 1933, Thelma Todd was in a movie that capitalized on it, SITTING PRETTY.
The girls in this dance number all did a fan dance.
 Ginger Rogers in a publicity shot.
She had the fans in the film, too, but didn't actually do a fan dance.
 Some other girls did.
 Thelma Todd wore the same sort of outfit in a publicity shot.

But she didn't do a fan dance in the film.

Finally, we have Sally Rand doing the dance she made famous.

Sally Rand:


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