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Early '30's Movie Premiere Photos

Some pictures of Hollywood movie premieres of the early thirties, from the El Brendel blog. It appears that some of these photos were from the same premieres. A poster for Ann Harding's DEVOTION ( 1931 ) can be seen in the background of several pictures, and a poster for Maurice Chevalier's THE SMILING LIEUTENANT can be seen in some of the others. Some of the same flower arrangements can also be seen in more than one picture.

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                                                  Harry Bannister and Ann Harding

The poster in the background is for Ann Harding's DEVOTION ( 1931 ).
Earl Fox
That could be the same poster in the background, but it isn't clear.
  Ivan Lebedeff and Thelma Todd
That looks like the same poster as in the previous picture.
Carmel Myers

Virginia Vali and Charles Farrell

Genevieve Tobin and George K. Arthur

Ernest Lubitsch and Ona Munson
Lubitsch was the director of THE SMILING LIEUTENANT, and the edge of a poster for that movie is visible in the background.
Helen Mann
 This photo appears to have been taken at the same place as the last one.

Irene Rich

Janet Gaynor

Marian Nixon

Mary Brian

Paul Kohner and Lupita Tovar
Myrna Loy

Polly Moran

Teamed with Marie Dressler in the most famous female comedy team of it's day 
Ralph Bellamy, June Collyer, Stuart Erwin

Poster in the background for THE SMILING LIEUTENANT 
Rochelle Hudson

Roy D'Arcy


James Dunn and Molly O'Day

Wallace Beery and friends

Wynn Gibson




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