Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Chester Morris And Thelma Todd Photo

Here is a picture of Chester Morris and Thelma Todd from CORSAIR, the movie where Thelma Todd was billed as "Alison Loyd".

Yesterday would have been Chester Morris' birthday, we are a little late in making that observation today.


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  1. From the Hal Roach studio page on facebook:

    Randy Skretvedt: Why, that's not Thelma Todd, that's Alison Loyd! Was it Roland West's idea to change her name for this film? It seems like such a strange thing to do, as Thelma was certainly well known under her real name.
    Like · Reply · 3 · February 17 at 11:28am

    Benny Drinnon: It was Roland West's idea, he claimed that the name of Thelma Todd was associated with comedy, and that she needed a different name for his movie because it was a drama. The whole thing might have been done for publicity.
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    Randy Skretvedt: I would think that instead they would just promote Thema's performance as something new and unusual for her. And she'd done dramatic roles before -- I just saw her in "Air Hostess," and she's really the villain of the piece in that one.
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    Benny Drinnon I think Roland West wanted it to sound as if the idea of Thelma Todd being in a drama was new and different. And because he was in charge of the production, I think whatever failings the movie might have had were mostly his fault.