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Jeanette MacDonald Photos

Jeanette MacDonald was a star in the thirties, who is best known for working with Nelson Eddy. We have a few pictures of her with Thelma Todd on this blog.

Thelma Todd, Jeanette MacDonald and Bob Ritchie at a cocktail party given by Paula Stone. Dated 12/7/35 on the backside.

 Another photo from the same party.

 Here we see Marie Wilson with Thelma Todd and Patsy Kelly as well as Jeanette MacDonald at a Hollywood party in 1935.

And here is another one.

Thelma Todd is at left, with Paula Stone, Jeanette MacDonald, and Patsy Kelly. What appears to be the same box of candy appears in this picture, too.

Another picture of Jeanette MacDonald with Paula Stone from the same period.

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Dolores Del Rio, Fay Wray, Jeanette MacDonald, Paula Stone, Anita Louise, Fred Stone, James Blakeley, Johnny Mack Brown, Russell Hardie, Glenda Farrell, Basil Rathbone, and three unidentified women

This copy was published in HOLLYWOOD, April 1936.

A cut scene from The Girl of the Golden West (MGM, 1938) with Jeanette MacDonald, Carol Tevis, and Ray Bolger

With Clark Gable in SAN FRANCISCO ( 1938 ). This is the only Jeanette MacDonald movie I've ever seen on local television.

The television cartoon DUDLEY DO-RIGHT featured caricatures of Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddie, along with horse.

Special thanks to Margie for supplying many of the pictures used here.


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