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Adrian Booth And Gail Richards

Adrian Booth had the feminine lead in the 1944 Captain America serial. This adaptation changed many details, including the hero's secret identity, and the girl character was completely different. The comic book version was a blonde named Betty ( sometimes Betsy ) Ross, and the serial version was a brunette named Gail Richards.  

In more recent years, the serial heroine has also appeared in the comic books with Captain America.

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The photo that the comic book character was drawn off of. 
Adrian Booth as she appeared in the Captain America serial.

"Lorna Gray" was a stage name she was using at the time.

Marvel also had a different character in Captain America comics named "Gail", "Gail Runciter". She first appeared in CAPTAIN AMERICA #268 and is basically another version of "Sharon Carter", the modern version of Betty Ross.

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CAPTAIN AMERICA #219 had a story where Captain America himself played Captain America in the serial. The heroine of the serial is called "Adrian" after Adrian Booth. However, this character was blonde like Sharon Carter instead of being a brunette like Adrian Booth.

That was probably just because Sharon Carter was the girl character they had been using in the comics, but not long after that they stopped using her, and then said she'd been killed. Only to bring her back again in more recent years.

Adrian Booth:

Captain America And Golden Girl ( Betsy Ross / Sharon Carter )

Captain America And Sharon Carter ( Betsy Ross / Golden Girl )

Gail Runciter:


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