Monday, July 30, 2018

Thelma Todd Letter


Transcript of a letter Thelma Todd wrote to a fan in Ireland:

"Thelma Todd ( name on top of the page )
Oct. 30, 1931

Dear Mr. Cloney,
Received your delightful letter and am happy you carried out your threat. We are always pleased to hear from those interested in our success, especially from those across the "big pond".
I'm glad you enjoy my efforts on the silver screen. Some of the roles are not too pleasing, nor offer much opportunity, and yet we must do our best, because no matter what capacity you are in, you are quite necessary to make the wheel go round. Is it not so?
I should enjoy being able to correspond with you, but time in this business has wings, and there is much to do. Furthermore, I am a poor correspondent. However, should you have nothing better to do, on a rainy night, you might drop a line and tell me a bit about Ireland.
My father was born there, coming to this country at an early age. I hope some day to visit the Emerald Isle. I have a bit of the Irish sense of humor, and believe me, it has been a life-saver in many an instance, and tho I have a dash of Scotch too, I have yet to see any of the proverbial signs. I hope you will be able to see my latest

 ( here the word "picture" is crossed out, evidently because of a mistake in spelling )

( pardon the error ) you see I am writing this myself ) picture with Chester Morris, called "Corsair". Drop me note and tell me how you like it.
Thanking you once more for your interest, I remain,


Thelma Todd
Alison Loyd "


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