Monday, September 3, 2018

Thelma Todd In Hell's Angels

Thelma Todd was in the silent version of HELL'S ANGELS, but was left out when much of the film footage was redone to make it a sound movie.

This photo of Thelma Todd in HELL'S ANGELS was posted in the Thelma Todd Fans group on facebook

Here are some pictures from that movie that I had on the blog in the past.

They used to call them "negligee girls". Carole Lombard was a negligee girl too, til they changed their minds and started publicizing her as a two-fisted he-man type girl.
You were supposed to take that seriously, although Carole Lombard was supposed to be funny.

The retoucher worked on this one, and somebody put in a watermark later on.

A SCENA MUDA, May 3, 1928, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The same photo colored for publication in a Brazilian magazine.

Special thanks to Jorge Finkielman for providing us with this picture.


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